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User Profile Link : Bafétimbi Gomis
Bafétimbi Gomis

Winning smile 😊 https://t.co/nw99ObXjWn

User Profile Link : Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

If you want to see real joy, real fulfillment, if you want to have peace, then be kind to people when there’s no re… https://t.co/bHNXJLxCdL

User Profile Link : Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸

Just got to the hospital to visit with @w_terrence He’s doing alright and hanging in there, still in the ER thoug… https://t.co/6E3tnQRtwT


RT @Kiki05069109: Love love ❤️♥️ Wishing next pic wz her smile #SurbhiChandna #SCians https://t.co/h0srORHx9y

🌻Smile ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ🌜❄

RT @ff041008: สปอยล์อิ้งม.2ให้หน่อยได้ไหมงับ😭😭 #ข้อสอบกลาง

User Profile Link : maria

RT @smolanimals: smile https://t.co/pRBRd6w7hg

Big Boob fanatic

RT @sandybigboobs: WERBUNG NENNUNG Online in a #couple of #minutes on https://t.co/URU917XsPU #lady #lovely #flirty #smile #happy #attrakt…




RT @emem_minay: Ang ganda ganda ng smile niya pag nandun siya kanya Elai. #TGDMotibo https://t.co/aQgBnX4JRB


RT @BLAIR_ThatMusic: If you have ever given me a hand-written note or a card or a flower or anything like that, just know that it is in a s…

BTS's doctor

RT @Viki: RT if you love #BTSs #Jhopes smile. LIKE if you love J-hope's smile. BREATHE if you love J-hope's smile. 😍😍 Catch all of his c…


@honomiku_smile @KozMqw あっちなみにオレの初心はTHE BLUE HEARTSのヲタですからwww

Joesifiel Calsena

RT @crisferranco: Nothing makes me happier then seeing you smile at me.. @imsethfedelin @itsmeangelieofc #SethURDAYnaLieGAYA

User Profile Link : c •
c •

@vantecist Taehyung’s boxy smile is my life omg It’s not a lie 🤧


RT @KarJonHongKong: Your smile is so contagious. Even in the worst of times, your smiles makes us happy. 💛💛💛 Ang sarap sa puso ng mga ngiti…


RT @Seemaku25808155: My wish has finally come true, #HarshadChopda your smile is enough to kill your fans #Bepannaah #JenShad #WeDemandJens…

User Profile Link : Kawalpreet

RT @susialika5: Good morning ☕🌻 I hope that you will encounter something beautiful today, your heart is flooded with happiness .. #GoodMor…

[s/h] Ella🌻

RT @realdefdanielss: We only need Daniel's smile~~💕 https://t.co/XsoVcrfCf8

Hadi Jaber

RT @RomanAtwood: There’s always a reason to smile.

pinhead larry

kill your masters. OR smile at them so hopefully you get more hours at work. whatever you gotta do

User Profile Link : モモカ🐰

RT @kmys_ga_sukiya: 龍友くんは俺に優しいところ?!俺に?!優しいところ?!え?!数寄ツヨすぎない?!?! https://t.co/R1ySkhGcSj

mashy & beshy

RT @The_Gospels: Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. - Mother Teresa

User Profile Link : Hele(nah)

Vcs ja ouviram Fake Smile pqp muito minha musicaaaa


watta smile bijj https://t.co/rTbx9oXp7Q


RT @helenaqhh: @Ski_KKXL @eiikleaw Can see your smile,is my happiness 2wish fighting!!! Cr.logo #eiikleaw  #2wish https://t.co/xC80NnXmay

User Profile Link : Naxumut [PLATTY!!! 🔑🗡️]
Naxumut [PLATTY!!! 🔑🗡️]

RT @knightofbunnies: you can smile again 🎶 https://t.co/DHThVnpqwa


RT @reilbenedict: My student wrote this on his quiz paper and I literally made my first smile today lol https://t.co/DUviLuxBke

🔥 Sherry 🔥

RT @RomanAtwood: There’s always a reason to smile.

Joesifiel Calsena

RT @crisferranco: I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face. @imsethfedelin @itsmeangelieofc #SethURDAYnaLieGAYA

Thashika Dilmin

Hey, wanna go grab a coffee together? Smile if you do, do a back flip if you don't! #WeirdWaysToBreakTheIce

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