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User Profile Link : Anne Thériault
Anne Thériault

This sentence from her Wikipedia entry is 👌👌👌 “She was openly lesbian and began publishing love poems to women unde… https://t.co/5jHkUIh3IT

User Profile Link : Neil Clark
Neil Clark

After I tweeted about the late actor Anthony Sagar at 23.24 last night @wikipedia editor Andrew P. Cross went to Sa… https://t.co/lKVuMzHaR8


i love my wikipedia nerd https://t.co/hRswHQfrzK

User Profile Link : Petronio Pérez
Petronio Pérez

The Things We Do For Love 🎤 10cc 💬 #BestRock Bad video #Pophttps://t.co/sha3bQdb30 📜 https://t.co/bAreDVoSmk 📚 https://t.co/GxN6ZnfSaV

The Persian Gulf

🍁 My #LoveFlowers from #IRAN 🍁To all of you #aroundtheworld.🍁 Bijan from the land of 💞Cyrus the Great 💞who's 💞💞💞… https://t.co/2KY9ZBYA5H

User Profile Link : Westrand

I love @Wikipedia! :) #Wikipedia

Ursula Abdulla

We shared a common love (among other things) about https://t.co/tUph9Tt1O1 and we used to spin the vinyl @ their house.


@StormIsUponUs @2runtherace https://t.co/NIBwEkltTH just checking if ANYONE saw Vincents math question with only O… https://t.co/Za8DTDIpg9

User Profile Link : ∞ღ∞

@streetartmagic But these fools dont know how to tell it https://t.co/D5NzDT7F7j

User Profile Link : SOL•SKETCHES™

I LOVE "black'ish" but can WE bring back "A Different World" - Pretty Please??? https://t.co/8m0PPypNC2 https://t.co/8m0PPypNC2

User Profile Link : Evan Heiser
Evan Heiser

https://t.co/qRy5wSoi0u I love you so much, Evan has some good points... https://t.co/qRy5wSoi0u

Elma D. Saclot

RT @M_e_r_v_z: Baka naman pwede na ilabas yun total gross ng movie @DirekMike yun nasa Wikipedia kasi estimated lang and mas mataas yun sa…

User Profile Link : Scicomm

RT @saguaromelee: Love taking time to chat with the WikiEdu folks. Be sure to stop by and learn about their resource to support teaching w…

User Profile Link : peacek

RT @saguaromelee: Love taking time to chat with the WikiEdu folks. Be sure to stop by and learn about their resource to support teaching w…

The Alien Channel

RT @ellle_em: CHUPACABRA (Apr 20-May 20) You're close to nature and you love being outside. You really love animals (especially goats) and…


RT @M_e_r_v_z: Baka naman pwede na ilabas yun total gross ng movie @DirekMike yun nasa Wikipedia kasi estimated lang and mas mataas yun sa…

User Profile Link : MIKE DEAN! #MWA

@jasperjohns_art love these. https://t.co/vB7iRVBHg9

User Profile Link : larita 🌸
larita 🌸

one of you asked for a # for a crisis line just in case, i’m just gonna post the whole damn list. there’s also #’s… https://t.co/Qd1TNvaVmb


Samples of numbers stations through out melancholic psychedelia, like deep-state ZOG cabals orchestrating the MK Ul… https://t.co/o5MphsIMMX

Tara Jane Disco

I went home with him and we made passionate love and in the morning I asked his last name. He told me. While still… https://t.co/ee0G4NDJaL


RT @Onlyfor__exo: 🚨🚨Social 50🚨🚨 EXO 트위터 RT량 ⬇️ 44.6% 🚨🚨🚨 Twitter 팔로워 증가량 ⬇️11.1% Wikipedia 페이지 방문수⬇️ 3.3% Facebook 좋아요 수 ⬇️ 27.5🚨🚨 위 네가…

User Profile Link : markhyuck au 📌
markhyuck au 📌

@cmt_chemistry nobody will ever love u stella oppar 😔😔 wikipedia said so 😔😔

User Profile Link : @RobbyDuncan3

RT @RobbyDuncan3: @RodRuncan @riceman79 @TheView @AnnCoulter @foxandfriends @EleanorClift @JoeNBC @KeithOlbermann @maddow @megynkelly @sean…

Jen Mac

@RMGduji @johncusack @akroncivic I love that her "research" was reading Wikipedia articles and naming every actor t… https://t.co/Bk6tg4Tuiz

User Profile Link : Herronisland #Resist #resigntrump 🌊🌊🌊
Herronisland #Resist #resigntrump 🌊🌊🌊

@ReasonVsFear In the Gallapagos, you'd love the birds. We saw a lot of penguins and boobies:… https://t.co/Ob4H5MBa3C

Chris Dixon

@snb19692 I just LOVE the fact you've become this popular! I mean, a Wiki page basically says it all 😂… https://t.co/1tojCV5czF

User Profile Link : Wes Grimes 💻🌤
Wes Grimes 💻🌤

@cjhickman I’ve been there! Love that place. Baltimore harbor is a neat place to visit. Little Italy has some fanta… https://t.co/CuXWIi0a71


@feraljokes I love when people think they’re smart by reciting Wikipedia articles about science things. Actual scie… https://t.co/uTf6BqkpyI




RT @M_e_r_v_z: Baka naman pwede na ilabas yun total gross ng movie @DirekMike yun nasa Wikipedia kasi estimated lang and mas mataas yun sa…

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