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5/31/2018 - MacRobert Trust Award for Working with Communities Conservation Award The Iver Salvesen Green Business Award Innovation in Farming Award Enhancing Our Environment Award To nominate, people are being asked to share how their local estate, farm or rural business has made a positive contribution to their area. Entries can be submitted here before the closing date of 13 July 2018. Entries for the Helping it Happen Awards 2018 will be reviewed by an independent judging panel with three finalists selected in each category. The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony which will take place at The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh on 3 October 2018. Author

1/1/0001 - The Rural Business Investment Program, established by the 2002 farm bill

1/1/0001 - The Rural Business Program offers clients targeted and customized services designed to meet their needs drawing from a number of resources.

Ten Cornish companies have been shortlisted in the <b>Rural Business</b> Awards Regional Finals.

2/19/2018 - Rural business idea: Rent chicks for Easter By Kids (and adults) love baby chicks. There’s a business idea in that. Photo by Becky McCray.   Everyone loves baby chicks. That’s probably why every Easter, we hear about families who buy chicks for their children, only to realize they grow up to be full size chickens that don’t really fit into their lives. One farmer in Nebraska turned that into a business idea: she rents chicks to families for Easter. Mariel Barreras is the farmer, and the Barreras Family Farm ‘s Rent-a-Chick is the result. Families come to the farm, pay $60, and take home a kit with two cute chickies, keep them for a couple of weeks, then bring them back to rejoin the Barreras’ flock where they grow up and live out their happy chicken lives laying eggs. Barreras has grown it into an educational program that caters to day cares, schools and home school families. They’re now providing a full kit of supplies, emails with activities, and a certificate good for the eggs the c

1/23/2017 - » Rural Businesses, Climate Change and Other Reports covering underreported issues in rural communities…

1/1/0001 - Cross-party MPs and Peers celebrated rural businesses at a special reception in the House of Commons hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Rural Business and the CLA.

8/14/2018 - Landowners and rural business organisation says 4G must be fixed first before 5G rollout

5/21/2018 - PROJECT SUMMARY To provide an agricultural and rural business support programme across the County of Somerset offering: quality agricultural/rural business guidance and support; signposting to additional rural business support; creating access to training, skills and development; assisting in the creation of rural networks and co-operatives. ABOUT THE PROJECT The transition to the Single Farm Payment […] The post Somerset Rural Business Support appeared first on Somerset.

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