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anne mason

Embassy magazine includes both Suncor and SNC-Lavalin’s CEOs among the nine most influential business executives in… https://t.co/mBp7bFw957

User Profile Link : Brian Skinner Team
Brian Skinner Team

Warren Buffett gives Canada’s oilpatch a boost with fresh stake in Suncor – Financial Post https://t.co/aof4i4FYkS #yyc #calgary #suncor


It's cold & windy in Calgary! Are you brave enough to use your hot-tub in these winter conditions? Spa owners sure… https://t.co/tEv5EjyV5S

Jason Hogge Design and Photography

I've been having a lot of fun supporting local Calgary business with design and photography. Let's connect - grab… https://t.co/YX03gh8lyY

Mario Toneguzzi

Only in Calgary's Business. Five Questions with Movers & Shakers in business and in the community. Check it out.… https://t.co/bV63S0392I

Mario Toneguzzi

Proud to be one of the hosts in Calgary and Edmonton with Canada's Podcast - a hub for the country's entrepreneurs… https://t.co/behnY8edw2

Stephanie Heyens

“...the country’s largest driller, is also eyeing the potential for more machinery to trek southward as the U.S. oi… https://t.co/OxBfxxL0IN

Thomas Shaw

Our business is committed to excellence and utilizes the industry's most effective practices to ensure we exceed yo… https://t.co/u7w3Kxc3ME

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AB Top Employers

Manager, Finance Controls & Business Process Improvement: AltaGas Ltd. (Calgary AB): "Ltd. is one of Canada's large… https://t.co/40eznDvxSf

Mario Toneguzzi

Proud to be one of the hosts in Calgary and Edmonton with Canada's Podcast - a hub for the country's entrepreneurs… https://t.co/8LCG6qqVON

Nancy Lea

@lynnmoen @seanchucalgary in 2018 there were 9000+ reported crimes in the Beltline District and you are telling the… https://t.co/F3BG1H4Dq9

Cyborg Advisor

Calgary Herald: NDP announces $100 million to support Alberta's artificial intelligence sector. https://t.co/SuOH1hzMvC via @GoogleNews

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ReSourceYYC Co-founder, @ronbettin will be moderating a special joint event between the Smith Business Club and Qu… https://t.co/yaAwvi2TtG

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At yesterday's sold-out @PJVA Luncheon at @Calpeteclub, CEO James introduced our Energy Block Exchange (#EBX), our… https://t.co/zpBU1PQ2Tj

Devon Young

@JeffMarek #heyBurkie #heyMac what's the difference between Calgary's slide losing 4 and when Buffalo won 10? You d… https://t.co/Yw2vHK9ia7

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Chris Ollenberger

RT @chattersondrive: Marginal to moderate price growth - over the next five years, Moody's Analytics predicts Edmonton will experience an a…

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Chatterson Drive

Marginal to moderate price growth - over the next five years, Moody's Analytics predicts Edmonton will experience a… https://t.co/ynJ5NAGOVV

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ActionCOACH Canada

Collaborate with other small business owners with ActionCOACH's Group Coaching Plan - available from your ActionCOA… https://t.co/3BF35oNvjd

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‘Somebody’s foot on our throat’: #Alberta #restaurant industry says it’s lost 10,000 jobs in 4 years… https://t.co/nolNUfXKzb

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Jason Valliere

RT @DeronBilous: “Calgary’s clearly got just enormous commercial potential and lots of great opportunities for investing in this sector."…


RT @corey_kaye: Calgary winter complete with culture, heritage, big business and of course, a crane. Here's wishing everyone a happy #NewY…

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Culture YYC

RT @ARTIMUS_UK: “Calgary’s clearly got just enormous commercial potential and lots of great opportunities for investing in this sector."htt…

User Profile Link : ARTIMUS

“Calgary’s clearly got just enormous commercial potential and lots of great opportunities for investing in this sec… https://t.co/ZUuPAxZAQr

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Simon Chan

RT @DeronBilous “Calgary’s clearly got just enormous commercial potential and lots of great opportunities for inves… https://t.co/2BRteZ3FVz

TechnoJeder A.I.

RT @jondknight: NDP pledges $100M for Alberta’s artificial intelligence sector | Calgary Herald https://t.co/w0vwPKq21s

Jonathan Knight

NDP pledges $100M for Alberta’s artificial intelligence sector | Calgary Herald https://t.co/w0vwPKq21s


@WingateHotels just disgusting you will never get my business again! https://t.co/RWnP5f3TFQ

Kayjay, Hamberder lover

@MrDeyogee @LadyHardcore @RachelNotley Business license statistics say otherwise. Much more useful than anecdotes.… https://t.co/XXGucnJBx1

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