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User Profile Link : Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr.

Obviously not political: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Caught On Camera: ‘We Are Going To Resist’

Brit Hume

Any chance reporters looking into who might be behind the Ed Whelan fiasco might also be interested in the resistan…

User Profile Link : Benny

Footage of Debra Katz, the attorney representing Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, protesting President Trump at a Resista…

David Wildgoose

RT @MartinDaubney: Read the comments on this to see the brazen contempt Remainers have for older white folk who voted Brexit. “Gammon, dino…


RT @luc3wilk0: Acrylic nail addiction is expensive enough and I’m trying to resist getting an eyelash extension addiction but it’s so hard 😩


@StevenBeschloss Grassley et al are certainly culpable for being so dismissive and contemptuous of women have suffe…

j ⛅️

@hwangclouds lol yeah literally hwang minhyun's existence = the love potion that no one can resist wow god really w…


RT @JeniferLewis: #CardiB #NickiMinaj 🙏🏾Thank You!!! #Vote #Resist #JeniferLewis #inthesestreets


RT @ResistandDesist: Rock the vote, let's rock out a #FBR party! #Resist Please👇 1 Like 2 Retweet 3 Follow 4 Reply Copy this tweet to y…

User Profile Link : SJ the Saltshaker
SJ the Saltshaker

RT @simplesalazar: So for history homework I’m supposed to read common sense and I couldn’t resist this.. LMAOO oops @HamiltonMusical https…

User Profile Link : Black Sparrow Hawk🦅 - KS03
Black Sparrow Hawk🦅 - KS03

RT @altonjab: Ruskiis burning evidence in SF #Resist #2016Election

M. Defarge

RT @maddogpac: TRUMPY TAKES MANHATTAN!! Where did all these glorious Orange Menace balloons come from? Why, right here at…


RT @Broke2Way2: I’ve just started this twitter account and Want to connect with other resistors. This is my #FBRParty #FollowBackResista…

Gregory Brown

RT @MalibuZen: #Resist This is my first #FBRParty 😊! Please 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Reply 4. Follow I will follow back 💯 #BlueWave #Blu…


@thomaskaine5 @HernandezV325 #ImpeachTrumpAndPenceNow Oh, yeah, isn't Texas an open-carry state? Regardless, armed…

Ann Marcial

RT @glenn87027633: So I go to an all white, local church & wait for everyone to exit. While they’re exiting, I’m wearing my Nike hat, right…


RT @TimRunsHisMouth: Sooo... all of Prof Ford's legal team are #resist activists and we're supposed to pretend there's nothing to that... g…


RT @openletterbot: Here’s an open letter from Kathy in Hayward, Calif. to @SenFeinstein and @SenKamalaHarris #capolitics #resist #resistbot…


RT @HanianEmpire: @realDonaldTrump Best thing you can do for any international meeting is go meet the leader, smile and not say a single wo…

Sharon Jaffe-Johnson

RT @secularcitizen2: @DonnaNoble10th @SnowBiAuthor @Clara_Resists @dizzle5000 @TrinityResists @AryaResists @Rey_Sistance @StormResist @Dolp…


RT @TimRunsHisMouth: Sooo... all of Prof Ford's legal team are #resist activists and we're supposed to pretend there's nothing to that... g…

Gigi Barb

RT @felis_femina: New to the Twitter but totally down for #FBR #FBRParty 1. Follow 2. ReTweet 3. Like 4. Reply 5. Make it your own #Bl…

User Profile Link : Shells ♏️ 🐉 🌱🦔
Shells ♏️ 🐉 🌱🦔

RT @pining_sheith: @L_Strikes_art drew future Keith and I couldn't resist :) rated E


RT @Broke2Way2: I’ve just started this twitter account and Want to connect with other resistors. This is my #FBRParty #FollowBackResista…


RT @vzryvokiller: drawing from the stream! it's so good to draw in digital again, aah it came out kinda messy, but!! i was thinking about k…

User Profile Link : Harry Shannon
Harry Shannon

Unite Resist and VOTE

User Profile Link : Alejandra D. Mattoni
Alejandra D. Mattoni

Your time is NOW. Send your #CreativeWork to Lit-Rally Send Lit-Rally your #Poetry.…

User Profile Link : Paul Cilwa
Paul Cilwa

RT @JamesReader_RP: pop quiz, folks: FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD ARE ALL OF YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? asking for a nation. #RESIST #GOP…


RT @1776Stonewall: Attorney for Ford, Debra Katz, at a "Resist" Rally in 2017 said "We are going to fight back, we're going to resist, we w…

User Profile Link : Ingrid Tarjan
Ingrid Tarjan

RT @rjoseph7777: Here are six facts you need to know about teenage sexual assaults #MeToo #TimesUp @realDonaldTrump…

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