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\毎日がチャンス‼️❄️/ 高音質ワイヤレススピーカー🎶 Amazonギフト券✨ オリジナルAWAグッズが当たる🎁 @AWA_official をフォロー&この投稿をRT🎄 すぐに結果が届きます💌 #クリスマスボックス…

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Miley Ray Cyrus

Didn’t they hear the news ?! War IS over ! Thank you , next! ❤️🧡💛💚💜

User Profile Link : Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen

Trump says GM plant closing in Ohio "DOESN'T REALLY MATTER" "It doesn’t really matter because Ohio is, under my le…

User Profile Link : Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis

RT @profwolff: Mirror of capitalism's deepening inequality: private US college presidents rake in millions as teaching done by badly underp…

Colette Kowaleski

RT @Miduswell: @realDonaldTrump's regime, along with the @GOP ran the largest budget deficit in HISTORY in the month of November topping ov…


“猫と一緒”の防災ブック 大事なのは「モノの準備より想像力」 (FNN PRIME online) - LINEアカウントメディア #linenews @news_line_meから


RT @HertsPolice: We would like to speak to the woman pictured as part of our enquiries into the theft of a purse in Poundland, #Hatfield, o…

User Profile Link : Brend 14-14-4
Brend 14-14-4

@AndrewElmore @pioneerspine @FernandoM76 @time_extend We thought so as well! Tell all your racing game friends😬 Ra…


RT @Cointelegraph: Ubiquitous Bitcoin bomb scare emails trigger official U.S. response


RT @hiratapro: ★ほぉらサンタが来たぞぉ~🎵

西原 薙

RT @tatsu_i: 売り上げ水増し 昭和電工グループ会社に課徴金勧告 | NHKニュース

奴隷統治の洗脳は 言葉から始まる

RT @murakamisatoko: 北九州市長(1/13告示、27日開票)は、自・公・ハートフル(国民+無所属)が支援し4選を目指す北橋健治市長と、共産党県委常任委・永田浩一氏(新人)の一騎打ちとなる公算。 3期引退の公約を市町村のが反故にした事もあり、私の周囲では選挙へ…

Yasmine Brown


RT @PamelaGeller: Collusion: Obama’s FBI Paid More on Russian Dirt and Fake News in 2016 Election Than Russia Did: There it is. This is the…

User Profile Link : Steven Mintz
Steven Mintz

Congressional bill falls short by requiring reimbursement to the government for sexual harassment but failing to co…

User Profile Link : Current School News
Current School News

Scholarships in USA 2019/2020 for International Students

User Profile Link : SWOSU Athletics
SWOSU Athletics

SWOSU Spotlight: @SWOSUVolleyball Head Coach Josh Collins.. #GoDawgs #BuckleUp


RT @MTVBaseWest: You could be winning gadgets today courtesy of @MinisoNigeria 💃 #TGIF 👯‍♂ Watch out for the question of the day on the cha…

Mary Wallace

RT @ebhodge: Coveney accused of giving 'pathetic' answers on 'no-deal' planning < For once I fully agree with Calleary. Even more reason to…


火山雷で辺境の噴火を監視できる可能性、最新研究 (ナショナル ジオグラフィック日本版)

Karolyn Cavanah

RT @BristowColin: Interesting considerations of appropriate usage of data and technology. Grieving mother urges baby ads rethink https://t.…

💕 Weak Girl 로렌 💕

RT @khinsider: The Limited Edition #KingdomHearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be available exclusively at Gamestop in the U.S. and at…


RT @Narjes3li: تابـــــع مـ,بـ/*/ـآشر رابط بث مباشر HD الشوط الاول ⚽| #الاتحادً_الباطنً ⚽| AGZ ◢◣◥◤△ ▲▄ 🔴 افضل روابط HD بث مباَشر رواب…

reema nofal

RT @Narjes3li: تابـــــع مـ,بـ/*/ـآشر رابط بث مباشر HD الشوط الاول ⚽| #الاتحادً_الباطنً ⚽| AGZ ◢◣◥◤△ ▲▄ 🔴 افضل روابط HD بث مباَشر رواب…

Fraise Franada

@jcartillier Donc tout ça n’était pas si Fake News que ça en fait. Elle est vraiment la l’info puisque il a menti.…

Seif Chekanae Goga

RT @childhealthGI: Road deaths 'a child health emergency' “It is now irrefutable that dangerous streets pose the greatest risk [to] young…

User Profile Link : Cindy Thackery
Cindy Thackery

When we asked interior designers about the colors, fabrics and styles likely to be popular this year, one message c…


RT @CGTNOfficial: #TheresaMay says after EU summit: - she had a "robust discussion" with Juncker - it's still possible to get #Brexit rea…

Daniel Olave

RT @MikeBarnes4: #RIP Sondra Locke, Oscar-nominated actress who took on Clint Eastwood in two lawsuits. "Even though I may look fragile and…

Wabantu Online


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