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User Profile Link : Jair Bolsonaro 1️⃣7️⃣
Jair Bolsonaro 1️⃣7️⃣

Mensalão, Petrolão; mais de 60 mil assassinatos e 50 mil estupros por ano; apoio às ditaduras venezuelana e cubana;…

User Profile Link : Sensacionalista

Notícia que TSE ia combater fake news era fake news

User Profile Link : Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was never given or shown a Transcript or Video of the Saudi Consulate event. FAKE NEWS!


47_news 北区赤羽2-17-2 リーフコンフォート赤羽 706号室で風俗営業発見。 まずこれなんとかした方がいいと思います。

User Profile Link : MIMers

Gubernur Ibukota ditantang Walikota Bekasi, bgmn 2024 mau lawan Kang Emil ....??

Bean Rice

RT @NSithis: Real breaking news here


RT @superyayadize: She Found Quite The Peach—McCaskill's Husband Punched Ex-Wife's Sore 'Cancer Breasts,' Urinated On Her, Report Says htt…


RT @Imamofpeace: Huddersfield “Asian” (Muslim) sex gang jailed for more than 200 years.

Simon Taylor

RT @jayrosen_nyu: It's not just that Sinclair tilts the news and forces journalists to promote a party line. It's the hidden hand. Sinclair…

User Profile Link : ĸ♡‏ժօսъlεĸ 🥑
ĸ♡‏ժօսъlεĸ 🥑

RT @16thalphabet: 20180921 Kwon Hyunbin at Maleenont Tower ->


RT @ua_industrial: Крюківський вагонобудівний завод показав роботи які підприємство проводить на локомотивах General Electric (фото) Читат…


RT @comic_natalie: アニメ「ふらいんぐうぃっち」お手頃なBD-BOXに、ジャケットは安野将人描き下ろし #flyingwitch #ふらいんぐうぃっち


RT @indiatvnews: #SadhviPragya in #AapKiAdalat LIVE Updates: '#DigvijayaSingh is afraid of nationalists'

Sidnei Consultor1⃣7⃣🇧🇷😎

RT @BiaDegrazia: @VEJA Andrade cobra providências contra “fake News”. A piada é essa!


@Xelsear @Alina_AE @ReensAE @AQW_News_Reddit 15% only won't be worth getting for acs


RT @copcrisis: Nashville cops are desperate to stop a community oversight board from being created.


Elizabeth Warren's ex-husband founded DNA testing company


@ananavarro Anna you are fake news and as jealous as they come

User Profile Link : Mr Gazz
Mr Gazz

RT @AmandaCC92: "Thousands head to Westminster for People's Vote Brexit march - The group have now added a second coach to cater for the nu…

brian e.

RT @jayrosen_nyu: It's not just that Sinclair tilts the news and forces journalists to promote a party line. It's the hidden hand. Sinclair…

User Profile Link :  Efo Worlanyo🇬🇭
 Efo Worlanyo🇬🇭

RT @S3rhna: @iWorla No news yet oo.. i for confirm give you

User Profile Link : Glasgow Live
Glasgow Live

The comedians get to grips with deep frying some Scottish food with hilarious results


RT @tsubuyaku_radio: 【大規模土砂崩れは特に地盤ゆるい斜面で】9月の北海道の地震で発生した大規模な土砂崩れで、地表付近に堆積していたのは、粒子の大きさが同じ隙間の多い火山灰の層で、特に地盤がゆるい特徴があったことがわかりました。(NHKニュース)#北海道胆振…

User Profile Link : moonie💞nsd 📌
moonie💞nsd 📌

RT @pledis_17: [NEWS] 잠시 후 12시 45분! MBC <2018 부산 원아시아 페스티벌 개막공연>에 #세븐틴 이 출연합니다. #우지 #승관 은 스페셜 MC🌊

User Profile Link : Tyler Gorash
Tyler Gorash

RT @HISTORY: On #ThisDayinHistory 1973, a series of resignations and firings occur inside the Nixon administration, becoming known as the S…


Migrant caravan reaches across the Guatemala-Mexico border: Live updates

Duke of Debbieshire

RT @AngelaRayner: Spreadsheet Phil has ditched plans to slap VAT on private schools. For the few not the many, that is the Tories game, he…

Babar Iqbal

RT @BBCNews: Aerial footage shows 'hundreds of thousands' of people attending protest in London calling for a referendum on the final #Brex…

Dr Kamran Ali

News channels always looking for spicy and controversial footages, ratings take priority over professionalism


RT @Ro_Moller: Jornalista da Fox News afirma que Bolsonaro dará nova voz à América Latina! #BolsonaroSim

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