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User Profile Link : United Nations
United Nations

News: we'll be covering Monday's visit of @BTS_twt & @IISuperwomanII for the special #Youth2030 event w/…

Kimberley Strassel

1) More big breaking news, which further undercuts the Ford accusation, as well as media handling of it. A source h…

User Profile Link : John Cleese
John Cleese

I try not to brag too much, but I have just heard wonderful news ! I made a speech recently at the Banqueting Hous…


RT @polarbear0221: なんだろう...観る前から適役だし名作。

User Profile Link :

#PAMH_TV #YOUTUBE PANCH Ki Ap Tripp Sou DJ ROGER *Subscribe/Abonner PAMH TV*🇭🇹 pouw ka toujou rete konekte ak to…

User Profile Link : NBA News Now
NBA News Now

Sixers' Markelle Fultz 'can't wait' for season to start; Joel Embiid is a sneaker 'free agent' - National Basketbal…

User Profile Link : 弓無@弥生生まれの佐世保提督

RT @YahooNewsTopics: 【Amazon 個人出版の市場拡大へ】 Amazonの注文に応じて1冊ずつ本を印刷して販売する「POD」。日本では2012~17年で20倍以上に成長、個人出版の市場拡大につなげる考え。

User Profile Link : Astrobiology Club
Astrobiology Club

RT @betulland: Wow, what a remarkable discovery! — This Enigmatic Blob Was One of Earth's Earliest Animals via @Nat…

User Profile Link : Maxxine Game xx
Maxxine Game xx

RT @LiveAction: A child, not a choice. #RT this to make sure everyone knows what abortion really is.


Breaking news : Être non boursier ne veut pas forcément dire rouler sur l’or

User Profile Link : ABC10

'I'm not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh's life over this': Sen. Graham doubts Ford's story


RT @sunohara_anime: 【最終回放送記念プレゼント♡】 すのはらロスが収まらぬ中、ねこうめ先生より素敵なプレゼントを頂戴しました! 何と最終回放送を記念し、フォロワーの皆さんにオリジナルイラスト色紙をプレゼント♪ 先生ありがとうございます♡#すのはら荘 ▼詳…

User Profile Link : Lonnie P Wilhite
Lonnie P Wilhite

RT @wtathletics: Buffs Defeat Western New Mexico on Saturday Afternoon, 27-17

User Profile Link : Marie Coleman
Marie Coleman

RT @croakeyblog: One in four Australian ministers go on to work for lobbyists or special interests, study finds


RT @nytimes: Breaking News: Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, ending a five-year title drought and completing a remarkable comeback fr…

Oakland Elementary

Follow this link for the latest OES Cardinal News - 9/21/18 -

@Millerita @RealJamesWoods @jack James wood is so honest in his messages that liberals can take because they only w…

🌺 StellaFleure 🌺

RT @48familypict_: 【Late Post】 Harasawa Otohi (Team 4 draft member / draft 3rd generation) withdrew from group on 22 august 2018. . This ne…

30 September 🌸

RT @mybroadband: MTN South Africa and Telkom in talks to merge - Report

Ryan Daly

RT @CBSSports: HE’S BACK ON TOP! For the first time in 1876 days, Tiger Woods has won a PGA Tour event. https://…

User Profile Link : Yesenia Barragan
Yesenia Barragan

RT @mbsycamore: This is so fucking ridiculous and desperate, and the paper of record calls it breaking news.

Rafael Cheruti

RT @LucasdeAragao: Uma das coisas que mais me fazem perder a fé no Brasil é a distribuição de fake-news muito mal feitas em grupos de pesso…


RT @ONU_es: “Estoy muy orgullosa de ser la primera mujer latinoamericana de tener el privilegio de liderar la Asamblea General”, María Fern…

Ali Joy

RT @nytimes: Breaking News: Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, ending a five-year title drought and completing a remarkable comeback fr…

Tom Flinn

Fighting the Sandy Hook lies Jones and tRump from the same mold. A rather smelly and obnoxious mold.

👺 "GutScars2008"

RT @GOLF_com: A moment five long years in the making!!

User Profile Link : ﮼أسعد،عبدالعزيز،مندني

RT @kuwaitclub: الخميس 2018/9/27 #كأس_العرب_للأندية_الأبطال #دور_32 . الكويت x الاسماعيلي المصري . الساعة 07:30 م . على ستاد نادي الكويت .…

Jake Denley

RT @CBCOttawa: BREAKING: The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board says ALL schools, program and administrative buildings including the ext…

Raymond Preuss Jr.

RT @MariaBartiromo: Breaking news @RepGoodlatte @HouseJudiciary just told me if he doesn't receive requested documents including McCabe mem…

User Profile Link : シルクセラピスト坂梨秀子

御所浦町でアジア初の発見! 新属新種の魚の化石 #スマートニュース

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