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Richard N. Haass

covert operations are designed to put distance between them and the government; this is the definition of "plausibl…

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World Economic Forum

And we're to blame. Read more: #nature


Huge breaking news. MJ Akbar finally resigns from his post as MoS, something he should have done the moment the all…

User Profile Link : Sestra 🇫🇷 champions du monde
Sestra 🇫🇷 champions du monde

RT @SNALEDGE_: On aurait jamais dû les y mettre ou les y faire se reproduire de base, maintenant pour réintroduire les animaux dans la natu…

Miguel Glez. M

RT @itsbeautynature: Mother nature is the best artist!🌊

Wanda Lejeune

RT @Carbongate: The Hunger Stones Have Appeared


RT @vics_dead: Crazy how nature do that 😮

User Profile Link : noora

RT @starrqua: brother nature is honestly a breath of fresh air

Arbaeen Walk🇵🇰 (Mohsin)

@j_e_r_r_y_01 @Kafiraana there is section 2(h), which defines sexual harassment as “…an unwelcome sexual advance, r…


@lacarottedu44 @JeromeGuedj Tu sais bien, écrire des choses gentilles sincères c est ma nature. Et j ai un mal fou…

Pradeep Kumar

@BDUTT अरे आंटी जी U kept quiet wen the nuns of kerala were fighting & the bloody rapist got bail as well & u were…


@DenisBillon Ah oui et comment ? Même pas en nature 😂😂😂


RT @Britanniacomms: When The Sky Explodes In Color In Norway! by Beate Behnke #photography #travel #nature


RT @_ayosworldd: Even Mother Nature gotta better love life than me for crying out cloud

mike brown

RT @espiers: Media outlets need to stop covering him as if he were some principled ideologue with intellectual heft who has serious thought…


RT @Ramikantari: @PatGrant7777 @LisaTruthJohns @cynthia_lardner @MiemsVan @Jilliemary @MarshaCollier @CarlRamallo @BeverleyGlazer @Lifestyl…

Lydia Powell

RT @itsindysev: Me trying to get brother nature’s attention

User Profile Link : Chris Rabane
Chris Rabane

RT @ReadingIsOurPas: Love the dark, twisted nature of 70's movies? Gritty, disturbing, edge-of-your seat #thrillers? Love #reading #CaptorC…

User Profile Link : Lauren Beatty
Lauren Beatty

RT @CincyMuseum: Educators! Immerse yourself in field based inquiry learning at our 20K acre EDGE of Appalachia Preserve! Upcoming Teacher…


RT @DesolateJake666: The world isnt worthy of brother nature


c’est quand y’a des gens ils vont comprendre que y’en a qui sont cambrer de nature ??


RT @_ayosworldd: Even Mother Nature gotta better love life than me for crying out cloud

Thomas Vertes

RT @LaGoje1: Reposting @au79coast: - via @Crowdfire Beauty is a two way stream. Inside and Outside. * * * #PicturePerfect #Au79Coast #like…


RT @LilBest19: I love nature😍


RT @DesolateJake666: The world isnt worthy of brother nature

Violet Foloti

RT @Violeendy: Embracing nature holistically

Brian Jeffears

@phasemod Knowing things are dire is the first step---all too many people would still fight you on that Step 0 alon…

User Profile Link : Painting Skills
Painting Skills

It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to...

User Profile Link : Pilar Albert Albert
Pilar Albert Albert

RT @EnjoyNature: Ocean Beach and Antique Castle at Capo Rizzuto Marine Reserve in Calabria #Italy #Travel #Nature #Traveling #Holidays #Oc…

User Profile Link : Indira

Probs of managing multiple accounts of multiple projects (of completely different nature)?! it gets hilarious/dange…

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