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User Profile Link : Stephen Sang
Stephen Sang

Congratulations Eliud Kipchoge for bringing this home! That was a spectacular run, setting a new marathon world rec…

Joseph Boinnet

I have today held a sensitization forum in Eldoret on the ongoing transformation & reorganization of the National P…

User Profile Link : Philip Etale
Philip Etale

The man from Nandi Hills. A humble gentleman. A man who has never shied away from realizing his dream. A man who kn…

User Profile Link : k’böogie🍒

I just want a dark-skinned giant to come and love me man ☹️


@xhante7 @PuleEkstein inandi Nandi leee

User Profile Link : Vιncenт🕊️

@_SphesihleM @mtshweni_nandi I envy you 💔💔😭

User Profile Link : sharonsayler

Go Partha Nandi, MD!

Fernando Rodríguez

RT @marianavasr: Cuando te das cuenta que mañana es lunes #GHVIPDBT2

N a n d i

RT @Divah_Filez: #NCAT, Fashion Gawdz (fashion section) is seeking a 8 #writers. Send #resumes to deadline 9/31. #…

N a n d i

RT @_Dark_COCO: I was raised by African parents so I have a different kind of mental toughness

N a n d i

RT @ncatsga: Greetings Women of NCAT, please join Miss Sophomore for the "Women's Only 5k" honoring all Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivor…

Fernando Rodríguez

RT @marianavasr: El Koala llorando de la emoción de ver que hay gente que le apoya. Hay que salvarle hombre #GHVIPDBT2

User Profile Link : La Chnek 🤣
La Chnek 🤣

RT @NolitaZita: My niece Nandi for Target...poster on 42ndt street and mural on Berry and N14th ✨


@BusisiweJiyane_ Yhq 😫😂


@Reitumetse_Rona Girl!!😭😭😭🔥🔥🙏🏾


RT @Reitumetse_Rona: Lord I see what you have done for other kids , please do it for me too 😭😭😭😩🔥❤

taylor allen

RT @NolitaZita: My niece Nandi for Target...poster on 42ndt street and mural on Berry and N14th ✨


RT @_Mavuso_: cry , the beloved country.


@_Mavuso_ Currently reading the book😭. I've watched the movie idk how many times and I don't get bored of it😻😻🙌🏾

User Profile Link : Yumi Zouma
Yumi Zouma

RT @cascine_: In anticipation of our upcoming bday jam at @elsewherespace on Oct 4, Josh from @YumiZouma and Nandi of @HalfWaif had a chat…


RT @EugeneLWamalwa: Happening now:Happy to join Governors and Stakeholders of 14 Counties under Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) who are ho…


@Asiie_Mell @nandii_m U beautiful Nandi

Paula Nandi

@giselleguarezi kkkkkkkk digo nada 💖अभीपद)

RT @TheSignOfFive: #MorningRide The route covers some of the prettiest scenes within the perimeter of Bangalore. It was really chilly d…


RT @PhilsnerDDI: Ugodole emlindelweni haaa uze ufise ukudonsa lengubo embathise ibhokisi😕


RT @KeLeb0gang: If you don’t have good intentions please just leave me alone. All the women in me are tired


RT @_SphesihleM: So guys I got the job. 9 months of Job hunting, uThixo finally said yes. I prayed, I cried, I begged and God answered. I…


RT @tshepang_seko: If life is a movie then you’re the best part😭❤️ Today was so perfect wow❤️😩💕 Thank you baby❤️


RT @Cornelchebwai: @Nandicountygov @EllyKurgat_ @LilKoima Apart from Big 4 Launch, The County Government of Nandi will Officialy Welcome a…


RT @ThabzDaVocalist: Welcome to South Africa Where a Husband is called "BABY and the Son is called "PAPA"😐😕

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