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This artist uses magnifying glasses and mirrors to paint with the sun

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Trace Lysette

While washing my hands in the women’s room at TAO LA last night I overheard a guy talking to his boys on the men’s…

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An advisory board created by Iowa's legislature advises an end to Iowa's permanent disenfranchisement of ppl with f…


pure eyes means me..never..just mirrors perfections

Rusty Gunner Nationalist

@MichaelAvenatti For a second I thought you were going to tell us you discovered mirrors.


RT @andytelasai: Bila npk komen lagu Bohemian tu lama nau sampai 5 ke 6 minit? Hmm dia tak pernah dgr lagu Mirrors by @jtimberlake kah? Dek…

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Konoplja Srbija

Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive marijuana business potential…

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I hate when yall take mirror selfies with dirty ass mirrors like how hard is it to clean your mirror first🤦🏽‍♀️


Thank God I can use my mirrors when reversing 😅

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Jim White

My view this morning was trees and water. Grass, leaves and snow.. Much better than being inside the walls of a co…

News from Weed Dork

MJ Biz Daily: Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive #marijuana business potential


RT @mzo: Initial Nomad impressions: - Likely to replace lion bans - Airjab through reinforced walls/mirrors too strong and eliminates bandi…

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DesignLife App

MELT’s extraordinary series of internal reflections, really are a beauty to behold. Up close, this beautiful reflec…

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ᵀᴴᴬᴺᴷ ᵁ, ᴺᴱˣᵀ

I hate mirrors or taking pictures or seeing pictures of myself.

Rei Tachihane

RT @DelightfulAnger: “Guess what? There’s a new daddy in town. A Discipline Daddy!” 🔥President of Ward industries 🔥Non/Lewd 🔥{#OCRP #LewdR…


@gacusack1 @LKrauss1 @michiokaku @neiltyson That's how some telescopes work right? Photons bounce off mirrors and r…


What kind of mirrors found in cars? — ano ba judger HHAAHAHHA

Jewel hunter

@KirstenPowers How do you do your makeup? Mirrors must be a huge problem for you. (Sarcasm)

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98.5 FM KMIX

NowPlaying Smoke and Mirrors Stream - @iamc4kaboom Hosted by DJs @DJGreenguy…

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pretty lies and thick thighs

RT @sinmbk: why can’t cameras have the same magic as mirrors 😤😤😤😤

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Digital Moray ᴰᴹᴸ

RT @TR_Macbeth: On the Trail of the Real Macbeth (Book) -- With Thanks // @cameronherston // @flying_mirrors ​ // @Duo48 & @barrd -- Find o…

RJ Brassfield

RT @cannabis_times: Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive marijuana business potential

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Amie Reed

@doriecp @laprofefarias Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop is the original source for the widows, mirrors, sliding glass door analogy.

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Nia Mious of Oryndoll

Come fly with me on these silver wings Speak with me, Hold me tight White feather falls as we talk Ray from the r…

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Michelle Walpole

@doriecp Window and mirrors. I love that so much. Thanks for sharing so much via twitter this weekend!


RT @xanria_018: #ALDUBStaysForever We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.

九条 しえんは今年いっぱい桃太郎…


John Spooner

RT @SimonVelocity: @DCBMEP All this is nonsense. It’s smoke & mirrors to do all they can to keep the UK within the EU. Brussels/Strasbourg…


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Justin Timberlake - Mirrors


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

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