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2/19/2017 - Art is on assignment in South America, but we do our best. We talk about cars and Warren provides some interesting trivia at the end.Thanks for listening!Please rate and review the show on iTunes.

heh, so sorry!utmost respect to Atilee, Soupy & hannahradcliff(as close to utmost as I could get, I guess ;)  & thanks for
1/1/0001 - heh, so sorry!utmost respect to Atilee, Soupy & hannahradcliff(as close to utmost as I could get, I guess ;)  & thanks for "breaking the ice" Bloemday! - Keywords:

1/1/0001 - Midlight Come and interact with this voice activated pop-up light box event. Midlight is a spectacular light installation in Birmingham by British-Chinese artist Aowen Jin, commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome CREATIVE, and is the result of months of research into Chinese community around the theatre sponsored by Without Walls and Arts Council England. Free

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1/1/0001 - Marrone 40 EU Kappa Bright Unisex-Adulto, Mid Light, Stivali Combat Unisex-Adulto, Bright (5050 (2ph) 079792

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