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User Profile Link : Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz

Bullying is never OK. Yesterday, I ate lunch with a girl who was cyberbullied by her classmates on social media. He… https://t.co/7Q8VikDtYq

User Profile Link : Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar

Wonderful lunch with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter today at their home in Plains. Tomato soup and pimento cheese sandwi… https://t.co/PKnxOuCJ9y

User Profile Link : WTKR News 3
WTKR News 3

Arkansas legislator proposes cutting lunch funding from #schools that struggle to improve #reading skills… https://t.co/C6cJgF3fN8


RT @isekyuuun: Ran and mocas 2*s are so funny to me when put next to eachother they look like they’re cornering me in an alley stealing my…


wala ng almusal wala pang lunch jusko


RT @KathyMyon: Q. What have you been doing lately? Youngjae: I've been running and preparing for what's coming next hehe Q. What did you h…

Irina Teodora

RT @HarvardAsh: Join us & @FairbankCenter on Monday for lunch and a discussion feat. @shirleyzeyu about the #BeltandRoad Initiative 🌐 htt…

User Profile Link : Tchan C
Tchan C

RT @EllenKushner: Questions to ask yourself when writing: * Why did I ever think this was a good idea? * Who else could write this story be…


RT @njwa_kyotokita: 京都の中学校の昼食時間も15分位とか…。 小学校のようなあたたかい全員制の中学校給食の実現で昼食の時間がホッとするような温かい時間になってほしいです。https://t.co/GsrO9DmOnc


@aeslehchels Lunch yet? Im supa hungry 😭

User Profile Link : The Legendary Frank King
The Legendary Frank King

@gr8tvaluebiggie @BaseballDo I was working on a cemetery recovery once and had a really kick ass peach for lunch. H… https://t.co/HhDExBZYCk


RT @dcexaminer: . @KamalaHarris gets lunch with noted race hustler and anti-Semite @TheRevAl https://t.co/AOCExHd3ZY

Mr A.K

RT @nihonjintamasii: @1oYuhUttqu4Fkkj コメダ珈琲は、日本の国旗は置かないの?😣😩 普通の珈琲店は、こんなことはしません。😡 https://t.co/QBJEoUEhKN


RT @TheMilesLuna: I used to draw comic books that were about my friends and I fighting evil, superpowered teachers. I would pass them aroun…


ブロス・ランチ https://t.co/jDznGWS23G

User Profile Link : Andrew Gonzales(Speedy Gonzales)
Andrew Gonzales(Speedy Gonzales)

RT @UberFacts: Queen Elizabeth II has four drinks a day. A glass of gin before lunch, some wine during lunch, a dry martini with dinner, a…


@cjcheesecake Mite go italy for couple hours #lunch 😉😉

User Profile Link : Liz McLennan
Liz McLennan

RT @MalurusSally: @SpudBenBean @dazzlerrange @SatPaper Hope he has his feet up after lunch enjoying @SatPaper especially Karen Middleton on…

Crosby Bubble

RT @NTFormby: Want to help us look after the coast? We have a volunteering event this weekend. Join us Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 at Lifebo…


ayon, lunch time ng mga bata alas dos HAHAHAHAHA slash meryenda na itu ih. https://t.co/NmdzOI5zFW

User Profile Link : John Connolly
John Connolly

RT @ChrisRedshaw9: Tandoori chicken naan for lunch. Team CBS @mellorscatering https://t.co/fx6KlP3gJd


Look sex is coo and all but I don’t want to see porn on my tl let alone in broad daylight while I’m at work in the… https://t.co/PmEFTp3EEu

User Profile Link : Elayne 🌙
Elayne 🌙

Cooked for lunch earlier 😋 https://t.co/EcSnd3EciE

User Profile Link : リュウ・メシ


User Profile Link : Asteraceae💐

Late lunch hehe

User Profile Link : Viola K. Putri
Viola K. Putri

@shin_soohyun89 My spot for eat lunch every Saturday..xD 잘 먹겠습니다^^ https://t.co/yLE8HEBl1G

User Profile Link : bona dè kim
bona dè kim

@froappucino Hey pretty, have you eat your lunch?

tae ❤️

RT @heyyyyni: nothing was funnier than patty ramp after lunch😭better duck or your dumb ass getting hit

User Profile Link : D-14 TAEKOOK

RT @tinyseokjinnie: Jin's family kept very precise daily routine. Breakfast 7 am, Lunch between 12~1pm, and Dinner had to be 6 pm, and if h…

User Profile Link : Mina ฿
Mina ฿

@itzy_young Aww I never forget my lunch.. You too sweetie !

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