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[Episode] LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' #BTS 파파라치 되다! 2탄

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BigHit Entertainment

[기사] #방탄소년단, 유럽도 환호했다..‘LOVE YOURSELF’ 유럽투어 파리에서 피날레

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What is the message BTS hopes to send to youth across the world? Check out their message from the link below, and S…


RT @SeanlfcD: I love watching shaqiri. Him and Sturridge our sauciest players both starting. None of this long ball over the top to road ru…

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abby • twenty three

hello sir i love u


RT @midwestern_ope: “watch for deer” is the Midwest way of saying “I love you”


RT @DrashtiDhamiWeb: She is love ❤️ #DrashtiDhami #Drashti

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lei rouanet

it's just my nature, i ruin love


RT @peedekaf: oh fuck, you're gonna make me CUM C - cry U - uncontrollably because i have never M - met someone like you, you're so love…

Angelica Venzen

RT @whyyougottaask: @Mrs_ARockstar I’m tweeting you since I can’t DM you, but as you’re watching just know we know what’s real and we love…

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Danny Donnelly

New Hope weekend with my love @aimeetheresa01 Just had some awesome grub at @sprigandvine #vegan #teamaimeedanny…


RT @neerajjain1978a: @saraxxxk @MOHAN37049090 @bi_julya @SYBDl97rsM7XFs0 @olezoom @_love_love_body @drexmgirlz @Katisheretostay @Eroticdevi…

Mike Howell

It’s #InvictusGames time!! Love this time of year #GameOnDownUnder @IGTeamCanada


@bts123476995595 i get that ya all love what you love. i love what i love too. i can be crazy over them too. but i…

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Joel Sampson

RT @Edwards_TE: @adidasUK Thank you! I do love them! What do you guys think? @AsifChoudry @Joel_Resource @Elliot_Resource @Nick_Resource


RT @ilPadrinoSal: Bella asinata, complimenti.


Papatayin ko mambabastos sayo -FH — Wala naman siguro, kung meron man di sila lab ng mama nila 😭 i love you!!

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Onuoha Patrick

If you don't love my PMB, you don't love Nigeria

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@trixicana 😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌 that's why I love you!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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루 saw tdc|jimboter|

hello @shelleyhennig i’m ines’ friend, the girl you told that she was a nice friend to take me an autograph,,, HI i LOVE YOU💗

Cara Newman

@AlliWasserman @writtenbyhand Would love to hear more about these tips! #graphicnovels have hooked so many of my re…

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RT @GeneralGypsy: Show yourself some love, you're trying your best


RT @snowberry_Kook: Jungkook was telling that he will doing perform in actual bed to make a surprise appearance on the stage and when his t…


RT @fxxnxxx: love scenario เวอร์ไทย ‘ที่ได้เจอกันนะค้าบบบบ สวัสดีค้าบ ผมรักคุณคาบ วันนี้ขอบคุณคาบบ’ แงงงงพี่จิน น่าร้ากกกก 5555555555555555…

Saddam Dafadar

@ShahrukhKhan_FC hi sar kasa ha ap.kaha kar ra ha ap.sar apka bohot bara dal ha hoslea ap mojko lana hara ha.i love sar realy love you sar.

🇵🇰 Mushtaq Ahmad

RT @iamkhaani: بہت پیارا احساس جب میرا بیٹا میرے بالوں میں برش کرتے ساتھ کہتا ہے I love you Mom😘😘 u r Beautiful 😍 #khaani🇵🇰…


先 輩 の 圧 #s_love

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RT @EdwardCalame: Everyone please follow this lovely lady @HTBDElisa10. Thanks so very much Lisa my love for the follow. ❤️️🤗😘


RT @PoemsPorn: self-love is one of the most important things

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