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User Profile Link : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

- Defeated a 10-term incumbent while outspent 10-1 - Travelled cross-country to build support for progressive movem…

User Profile Link : Katharine Hayhoe
Katharine Hayhoe

New survey results from @YaleClimateComm show strong support for the New Green Deal. As a climate scientist, I'm po…

User Profile Link : Justice Democrats
Justice Democrats

81% support from registered voters. 92% support from Democrats. 64% support from Republicans.


RT @WriterTravelerR: 🍀💚So refreshing for me - lovely blue sky, green nature..! #Naturelover #naturephotography #beautifulplaces #LuxuryTrav…


@green_yellow617 声がっ...ていってたもんね やっぱり体調悪かったんだね💦 忙しいからなかなかがっつり休んでって難しいよね😭早くよくなりますように

User Profile Link : Pam

@veta324 @MARSStore My advice would normally be to order a size larger as their apparel runs small...especially wit…


RT @TitanForgeTina: Working with Jason @jdfffn a.k.a. The Green Ranger on something kickass and fullfilling people's childhood dreams. HEYO…

User Profile Link : Flights TravelMag
Flights TravelMag

Transport > Flights>Nimble's Green Charging Gear Keeps Your Pho- #transport

User Profile Link : Anaïs

RT @garyfitzroy: @MAGASeabiscuit @Maitre_T @MalcolmNance @TuckerCarlson Keeping it simple:Michele O, American born American grown Harvard e…

User Profile Link : fangs✶

RT @gbcfan: @JIR0US @slyember well listen here buddy 😤 math: blue science: green english: red history: purple

User Profile Link : 株式トレチャン!

【株主優待→投資→投機→ギャンブル】TATERU(1435)を買い増し(NISAで買ったらアカンやつ) - greenの日記

User Profile Link : Chris Overdorf, ASLA
Chris Overdorf, ASLA

RT @Brillianto_biz: As #greenspace went up, crime went down in poor neighborhoods #Parks nonprofit says study makes case for more #greeninf…

WAR:Rome Echo

system:My mom meows on all the kings of the world because the sky is green.


@court_sw16 again, you have green growth on that roof which indicates the water has gone through to the underlying timber ......

Degan Knight

RT @Degan1965: We told Salt Lake Police Department and Others Steve E Swenson a Utah Attorney Exposed his Scrotum including his Penis a…

User Profile Link : MSU Auxiliary Services
MSU Auxiliary Services

Make sure to return your Green-To-Go containers to Sam's Place & Freeman Hall before the semester ends to avoid the…


@pure_green_tea うーす


@TheHumanShazam 😂 cant wait to burn mine, ko ni da fun green passport.


If a Green Beret Is a War Criminal, then So Is Obama

˚₊ ·❥ 민혁’s 시린

RT @JIR0US: yall dumb listen up math: red science: green english: blue history: purple


Fat burning foods: grapefruit, watermelon, berries, hot peppers, celery, greek yogurt, eggs, fish, green tea, coffee, water, oatmeal.


@green_9654 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 진짜 양심 재기했네요,,, 지들이 뭔데 와요 ㅠ


RT @ABC7Kevin: MISSING: Takoma Park Police need your help finding 17yo Keile Smith. Smith was last seen Friday 12/14 on Maple Avenue. He w…

Coach Choice

RT @SethLittrell: Excited to welcome my man @kdotsontd to the Mean Green Family! #GMG #F19HTCLUB


RT @apple_5840: 🌴: Since four years ago, even as the 4 seasons change, Ahgases are with us always. You will continue walking with us and sh…

Paulo Forwardello

RT @dinngohq: It's a green day for the crypto market. The overall market cap has bounced back, left the $110 billion resistance line behind…

Championship Games

@TheOther_98 @JArnoldTAMU85 @K_Green_01 @Rush_Hannigan @chumbleycolton @TO98_Kroog @That_DavisGuy @Gigemgang19…

Alpha6 - Nationalist

RT @windh1: 1. Govt supplies money to countries that hate America 2. Govt constantly tries to disarm American citi…


RT @wrongptrchlls: achilles: so what are your strengths? patroclus: i am able to fall in love very easily achilles: okay, alright, what a…

elena bassetto

RT @EurvenGreeny: Le #microfibre possono essere davvero dannose. La campagna di Marevivo Italia cerca di sensibilizzare verso una moda (e b…

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