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Gary Lineker

France is the new Germany.

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Ana Navarro

Trump scorecard: -Defends Putin, says Russia had nothing to do with hacking US elections; -Is “in love” with Kim Jo…

Daniel Storey

Gibraltar have won more competitive matches in the last four days than Germany have won in the last year.

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Paradox Intervention

#Merkel s Willkommenskultur der offenen Grenzen ist die gezielte Veränderung unserer Kultur und Werte durch…

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Charlaine Harris

RT @JABberWorld: Germany! The entire Midnight, Texas trilogy is now available. Have you picked up your copies yet? @RealCharlaine @HeyneVer…

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RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] Thank you, Berlin! Hi~ Germany! 우리는 모두 같은 젊은이!🍻 #베를린1회차공연


RT @DanceKingHobi: jungkook on his way to netto when he finds out 750g nutella is just 1,99€ in germany #btsinberlin

Melisa Ramírez

RT @Bitiiez: El eslogan para el 2do concierto en Berlín de Hoy es: "Una flor de bangtan ha florecido dentro de los corazones de ARMY" @…

Polly vom Rusteberg

@FionaBuzzword This title is not currently available for purchase ,Amazon Germany😡😞😢


@VP Turkish ‘police’ are now openly patrolling ‘Turkish areas’ in BERLIN… and there’s nothing Germany can do about…

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Dennis K.

@KateKendall For what it’s worth, here in Germany the word „Blitz“ is not associated with anything WWII related unl…


RT @abcpoppins: Blair, Clegg and Heseltine: We need another EU-Referendum English version 👇 of article in papers in Germany, France, Spain…


I liked a @YouTube video Alternate History: What If Germany Won WWI?


RT @shxnoa: There is an article about bts in today's newspaper after the 1st concert in Berlin Headline: "The army (they used the German w…


@Nicolac88612909 @aev1609 @willieckerslike @sarahwollaston @andreajenkyns Its not EU in Britain with status promise…

ANA Fernández

RT @Cwiklowa: Neuschwanstein Castle🏰Germany Happy Day. @KVajpayaee @Abomoha37103759 @wolfman_Bloody2 @AngelaVillani9 @mrkmrkmoh @cc_chicco…

제랄딘 🇵🇪//🇰🇷

RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] Thank you, Berlin! Hi~ Germany! 우리는 모두 같은 젊은이!🍻 #베를린1회차공연


RT @sweetdanger0309: Namjoon said that in Korean “Young People” means “젊은이” which is pronounced like Germany so he said that we all are Ger…

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.. ✿❀

النهارده كان فى سؤال ف الكويز عندى إجابته Germany كتبتها Almania بالفرانكو لأنى كنت مطبقة ومش مركزة، ولو الدكتور أ…


RT @its_YKLee: Super Eagles need to play Germany rn and use them to boost FIFA rankings papapa 😂😂

Anitra McLeod

RT @B_Ubiquitous: Sunset Supercell #photography by Max Conrad #Germany #storm #photo #amazing #sky #love #earth #art #nature #weather #clou…

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RT @AlvarezKings: Germany we are coming for you! Expect to hear new music! Tickets:


RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] Thank you, Berlin! Hi~ Germany! 우리는 모두 같은 젊은이!🍻 #베를린1회차공연

Lou Read #FBPE+++ 🇬🇧🇪🇺

RT @DPhinnemore: Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans

James Westmore

@realDonaldTrump @ElaineMS01 Germany allowed this to happen and England is doing the same. The lack of immigration…


@derdirk @eOne_TV Let's make Germany great again.

디 이 unofficialplayer

RT @BTSEuropeARMY: Tonight’s slogan for @BTS_twt’ LOVE YOURSELF TOUR IN BERLIN D-2! 아미들 마음속애 방탄꽃 피었습니다 “BTS’ flower has blossomed in AR…


RT @bts_bighit: [#오늘의방탄] Thank you, Berlin! Hi~ Germany! 우리는 모두 같은 젊은이!🍻 #베를린1회차공연

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The Times of London

The first man to be jailed for his role in the September 11 attacks has been deported from Germany to his native Mo…

Matthew Citrullo

@SBTMitchell @Alan_Allport @arthistorynews @ProfGSheffield imagine an atomic arms race with Germany, with their top…

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