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User Profile Link : Bill Maher
Bill Maher

This David Pecker is such a scumbag. I've read The Enquirer forever cuz its funny (not intentionally) and it expose…

User Profile Link : Quinta.

I can’t even find the Kanye stuff funny. I hope he’s ok.

User Profile Link : ABS-CBN Sports
ABS-CBN Sports

It was truly a memorable #UAAPSeason81 Basketball tournament, and we were not deprived of bloopers and very funny m…


RT @hibbz__: Y’all be having imaginary haters. It’s so funny RT @Bekgurk: can’t be happy without making someone else mad 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 https://t.c…

Taylor Merriweather

RT @avianap: It’s funny, Ebro didn’t accuse Kodak of anything. He just simply asked Kodak to come back once it was all over so they can hav…

honey senpai

RT @baelizzle22: It’s funny how all the good kids in highschool are now alcoholics in college but i got all that shit out when i was 15 whi…

Penthouse Sidebar

RT @TrumpSugar: @DrummondJeff @TT197 @alshadowdancer @naturelover3333 @PwrCane1 @DanFoc77 @__America1st__ @FamiIy1stAlways @sweetgreens007…

User Profile Link : ґзюш а
ґзюш а

ржу сестре так сильно понравился один мем с лукасом что она решила его распечатать и в письме написала ну я просто…

destinyraine 🌸

RT @unhxrt: The perfect boyfriend list - Taller than me - Funny, kinda shy - Respectful and caring - Cute smile - Tells me I'm beauti…

Desirae Horn

Haha. That’s funny 😂

Curt Natarelli

@Shane82350933 @Lakers Funny they had only 5 more free throws. Losers

User Profile Link : Embrace Faithfully - DoTERRA
Embrace Faithfully - DoTERRA

🌺 Friday Funny 🌺 Little punny or funny 😆 Enjoy! #embracingthejourney #healthandhappiness #wellnessadvocate…

Conservative Hawkeye

@V_actually @buzzman888 @GStephanopoulos That's funny, Cohen went to law school and learned nothing. Wonder if they…


RT @baelizzle22: It’s funny how all the good kids in highschool are now alcoholics in college but i got all that shit out when i was 15 whi…

User Profile Link : Genre Zero
Genre Zero

RT @SarahTaber_bww: It's funny because a lot of farmers & ag scientists have been saying this for years, but some asshole decided to put "e…

Tommy Browning

@mspears96 @fredridener1 @lila1525 @superdj56 @Chillmill @stephenasmith Yeah...but it was funny! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


RT @jisgzb: yall lazy unproductive bitches behind a screen making fun of a hardworking women who went thru hell to be the multitalented fem…


So cute & funny!!! I kennot 😂😂😍

rjk 🌹🍪

RT @halimee101: It’s so funny how when it comes to BLACKPINK, everybody AND their mom has an opinion. Wbk BLACKPINK is the revolution https…

Josh Williams

RT @RealBillyGunn: Now that’s still funny

User Profile Link : Travisn't here
Travisn't here

RT @Will_work_4_zzz: #FF @of_ramblings She's a mom who is tired. What's not to love!? She is also very funny with a teen and littles.…

User Profile Link : Bri Callis
Bri Callis

Purpose is a funny thing. Sometimes fleeting, sometimes invigorating, sometimes infuriating. But all it really come…

Sam Sullivan

RT @baelizzle22: It’s funny how all the good kids in highschool are now alcoholics in college but i got all that shit out when i was 15 whi…

Patricia Ewing

RT @MarkSimoneNY: Michael Cohen claims Donald Trump ordered him to make ‘illegal’ payments. Funny how that’s the one thing he DOESN’T have…

User Profile Link : Pophy

RT @Grizzly_BenTV: Live: Day 5 of Red Dead Redemption 2. This game has so many crazy funny moments I love it! Grizzmas is also well under…

User Profile Link : bucin daniel&minhyun trash
bucin daniel&minhyun trash

RT @sungwooonH: sungwoon accidentally stepped on the mic so he was a beat late and ended up rushing back into the formation (0:04) he think…

Mikey Quad

RT @oYungChat: Dawg this not supposed to be funny 😭😭😭😭

# uninterestedinyoubums.

RT @sighbrattt: How am I supposed to grow up when everything funny 😩😂😂


My worst fear is a killer saying some funny shit while I'm playing dead 😩


@taesdarlin Funny how the people that don’t even have a voice think they are untitled to say that others should kee…

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