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Jon Cooper

Roger Stone says he's broke, and is having trouble putting food on the table and paying his rent. Retweet if this m… https://t.co/sxqYVeTGIO

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Without biodiversity, we wouldn’t have the food we eat today! But it's disappearing before our eyes. Check out the… https://t.co/tGQYOzsPaq

User Profile Link : Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

America & most of our Latin Amer friends are sending desperately needed humanitarian supplies to the starving peopl… https://t.co/WrZgF0vcg9

User Profile Link : Stephen Ritz
Stephen Ritz

RT @WCKitchen: This is the Simón Bolívar Bridge linking Venezuela and Colombia. Thousands of Venezuelans cross to gather food, medicine & s…


RT @HallyuM: K-wave & Halal Show In Malaysia will takes place in Kuala Lumpur featuring Korean Halal Products (Food, Health & Beauty), cons…

Paul Cameron

RT @culleyfish92: Lovely trip to Amsterdam with the misses, went to try a vegan food shop then remembered I’m a human & there’s only two ge…


RT @swiddarte: Your food will get cold. Hoh https://t.co/kVGYiMpayZ

glennis🥑 오마베🤙🏼

Food critic in the house https://t.co/9vGhGzGXsG


RT @ItsQuinnMoore: ⠀ (\__/)    ⠀  (•ㅅ•) my gf telling the waitress  _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ my food is wrong / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ (  (三ヽ人…


RT @intxniryxnie: 10 things GIRLS wants but won’t ask for ; 1) goodmorning/ goodnight text 2) silly pics/videos together 3) surprises…


RT @faizalhamssin: We need sharia law for food https://t.co/yeTit9wGYs


RT @chowdallas: A Restaurant (in London) serving a Menstruation themed brunch with bloody red pancakes, bloody red macaroons shaped like Ta…


RT @AbdelRahmanM: Islam teaches us that a person "entered the Fire because of a cat which they had tied, neither giving it food nor setting…

User Profile Link : The Thug Dove 🕊🇬🇹🇭🇳
The Thug Dove 🕊🇬🇹🇭🇳

RT @6utterscotch: Peruvian food is so damn amazing. It’s so delicious. I haven’t tried one thing I’ve disliked. Truly should be at the top…

User Profile Link : yesy ♡
yesy ♡

RT @LauraAlcazar18: @luuvergirl Maybe if they paid livable wages where people can actually put money away for retirement and pay for their…


It really must be nice to have food at your house to where you can eat everyday


RT @sopbeen: @janmetdieplan @AR_Maximum @bronzeagemantis @realDonaldTrump Yes, it has been a low intensity war for the last 2 decades but m…

Nur Kharmilla

RT @faizalhamssin: We need sharia law for food https://t.co/yeTit9wGYs

Janet Midega

RT @AspenNewVoices: Isabelle launched SolidAfrica to ensure that patients in public hospitals have access to food to support their health.…

User Profile Link : rai ♢
rai ♢

RT @serenadyo: “As I’m known among the fans as a gourmet, this year’s personal goal was also related to food.” —Doh Kyungsoo https://t.co/T…


@Sarcasmorator @Hbomberguy Hang on... so this guy wants to cut lunch for kids who are having trouble reading? Reall… https://t.co/dVFMQ8rPFV


RT @Steph_LovinMe: Some of y’all didn’t get popped in the mouth for smacking your food too loud and it showsss https://t.co/bx90t2tn3V

User Profile Link : BBC Food
BBC Food

It's #RealBreadWeek and recipes don't get much quicker or easier than this 🍞 https://t.co/i086JSu8cC https://t.co/gXyAifpIhg


@SRekgo Bophelo wont put food on the table and pay bills hlena😂

Tatyana 🕯

RT @exoisweird: Food truck guy: sir...sir your hot dog is ready https://t.co/N8FMo5BXCu

User Profile Link : Andre Beukes
Andre Beukes

24 Clam, Oyster, and Mussel Recipes for Shellfish Lovers https://t.co/ajON6MMD9s #secretcapetown @secretcapetown… https://t.co/vnkBfYDao4

jerbear 🐻

RT @Trapolah: How come it costs money to get things added on to your food but they don’t subtract when you take things off..? https://t.co/…

Britt ❁

RT @VOGUENART: i’m trying not to judge her but i can’t help it.what a dumb bitch.she had EVERYTHING she was at the top of the food chain an…


RT @chicharon629: Iba tlga pag yamanin ang naginvite sayo... sarap magpakantot pag posh hotel. fresh towel, comfy & clean bed,clean bathrm…

User Profile Link : zaty 🌸
zaty 🌸

RT @faizalhamssin: We need sharia law for food https://t.co/yeTit9wGYs

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