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Piyush Goyal

Such a shame that you choose to attack the hard work and ingenuity of Indian engineers, technicians and labourers.… https://t.co/Y3gAg2PLgV

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Narendra Modi

The dastardly attack in Pulwama has anguished the nation. Yes, this is a time of great sadness. But, I assure e… https://t.co/z9lsWBzfUi

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Luke Waltham

Hi ARMY family 💜 If you tweet using the hashtag #Duckprints, Aflac will donate $2, up to $1.5 million, to help end… https://t.co/XQTKFXOEud

Ikechukwu Iwuchukwu

RT @NewsCentralTV: Roy Allela’s six-year-old niece was born deaf. She found it difficult to communicate with her family, none of whom knew…


RT @MrMalky: They can afford it They are a South African Family with links to the Conservative Party who avoid paying tax https://t.co/jktj…

👻~ᗷOOᔕETTE~👻 (+13 ᖴOᖇᗰᔕ)night

RT @XHENTAIXGIRLX: ⭐️O N I I - C H A N⭐️ 🥰S O🥰 🥰Y O U R🥰 🥰A🥰 🥰G R O W E R🥰 🥰A N D🥰 🥰A🥰 🥰S H O W E R🥰 #Hentai #Kinky #NSFW #Gifs #Soft #Ro…

priyanshu kesharwani

RT @adgpi: General Bipin Rawat #COAS & all ranks salute supreme sacrifice of Major Chitresh Singh Bisht & offer sincere condolences to the…

❌❌DEPLORABLE Dolores ❌❌

RT @almostjingo: Wow. So @KamalaHarris knows the whole Smollett family, she’s been taking pics with them since 2016 isn’t that something #J…


RT @Saisailu97: today’s tea: ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___(__ (__ (_…

User Profile Link : QueenB✨

My whole family just wide awake now allll thanks to our son 🤣

Melvin Jackson

RT @itsLioRush: So my sister just got married. Welcome to the family........BRANDON. #Wedding #Marriage #Sister #BabySister https://t.co/cM…

Domestic Goddess🇺🇸

RT @almostjingo: Wow. So @KamalaHarris knows the whole Smollett family, she’s been taking pics with them since 2016 isn’t that something #J…


RT @BadEvilDick: Oh my God’ — Meghan takes aim at male, pale and stale universities The duchess is urging students to question ‘antiquated…


RT @ShaktiMastAadmi: RIP..God give his family strength.. https://t.co/sga1IE4yua


RT @kstewartx8: Why is no one bothered that this wee boy is still missing??? Picking and choosing which kids we care about as a society is…

Oluwatobiloba ♡

RT @asherstuta: Don't go and marry these entitled, lazy ass, patriarchal men. They will rob you of your self worth and joy. They will make…


RT @nkthatai: #MeraParivarBhajapaParivar My Family, BJP Family https://t.co/wQch8gOxAC


RT @ItsAlexJackson: i have so much love in my heart for every LGBT person who can't come out, who is too scared to come out, who can't be t…


RT @Nappyb0yy: I love my family I love my friends I love my businesses I love my freedom Life is good

Q͙u͙e͙e͙n͙ o͙f͙ Q͙u͙i͙e͙t͙ F͙i͙r͙e͙

RT @malissaali: It was Bangladeshis who helped me in Italy. Gave free food and directions. When I asked why, he said “because Malaysia fed…


RT @todorokth: and the belief that a fandom is one big joint family and if one person fucks up the blame is on everyone who stans that grou…

𝒽𝑜𝒷𝒾𝓊𝒶𝓇𝓎 ♡

RT @vanaseok: me: listening to anything kpop my family: https://t.co/3QGLDPVh1y

🐊ⁱᵗ'ˢ ᵉᵃˢʸ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ, ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵖʳᵉᵗᵗʸ

RT @idoltaeguk: bts is joining armys sing jhope a happy birthday THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A FAMILY #BTSinFukuoka_D2 https://t.co/4bN4VQpkCS

User Profile Link : Rolfe

RT @silly_boney: Bila ada member tetibe open up tntg family dia being abusive, broken or hell-like, aku hrp korg jadi a better friend. Sgt…


RT @tinytenn: We are a big strong family, we will always be together at good times and at bad times. No one and nothing will seperate us. L…


RT @asiahh__: G herbo posted a pic saying his baby mamma need to stop letting his family sexualize their son and bitches in the comments li…

User Profile Link : maya

i hate my fucking family


RT @nkthatai: #MeraParivarBhajapaParivar My Family, BJP Family https://t.co/wQch8gOxAC

User Profile Link : sour

RT @malissaali: It was Bangladeshis who helped me in Italy. Gave free food and directions. When I asked why, he said “because Malaysia fed…

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Guardian sport

Everything’s a little too cosy in football’s game of family fortunes | By @DTguardian https://t.co/OVOQ8f1IS8

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