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User Profile Link : Олег Лурье
Олег Лурье

В течение 3-х недель до "отравления" Скрипалей морская пехота Великобритании проводила химические учения "Токсическ…

User Profile Link : AM Joy w/Joy Reid
AM Joy w/Joy Reid

.@K_JeanPierre: I said that this is #Trumps America. It doesn't have to be #Trumps America. I think in 17 days we…

User Profile Link : Vala Afshar
Vala Afshar

A healthy list: 1 Get more sleep 2 Make time to exercise 3 Drink more water 4 Eat less sugar 5 Stay teachable 6 Re…

Nishant Prakash

RT @YRDeshmukh: This is big news. Either it indicates a huge internal mess up among top agencies or a solid deep cleansing exercise taken u…

User Profile Link : P.🌹

RT @bansheeceline_: Cuando te follan en castellano: oh si te gusta eh Cuando te follan en ingles: unit 5 page 32 exercise 2 listen and rep…

User Profile Link : jay tee
jay tee

RT @thegooglefact: Eating celery is technically exercise. When you eat celery, you burn more calories digesting it than you consume.

James Stewart

RT @Syrian_Uruk: Big - #China will hold their first joint maritime exercises next week in the #SouthChinaSea in response for the aggressive…


RT @bansheeceline_: Cuando te follan en castellano: oh si te gusta eh Cuando te follan en ingles: unit 5 page 32 exercise 2 listen and rep…

Praveen Paswan

@shahiddar128 @GreaterKashmir Laden was killed in India. India sponsors Taliban. People irrespective of their relig…

User Profile Link : Reggie Deal
Reggie Deal

Make sure your voter registration is correct and updated. The last day to register to vote in #Alabama is next Mond…


After a day of exercise and batch cooking, the only thing "getting lit" tonight are scented candles while I chill o…

Xan Dunn

@coreyfoxlight I journal those ideas when that happens. :P Then I do a relaxation exercise. And the 😴😴😴


@Sublimateus I already answered it. As a matter fact I even told you from the very beginning how it happened. The f…

User Profile Link : Thrive Health Shop
Thrive Health Shop

Still a good idea after all these years! #exercise #rebounding #health #Thrive #DrJockers

Healthy Women

With every exercise & full workout you do, give it 100% every time.


@PeterTatchell PT you’ve turned into a hypocrite. We’ve voted out. There is zero chance of a second vote on Brexit.…


@0H0UR1 It was a "training" exercise.

User Profile Link : Lancer

and then wondering if this yearning is purely selfish or a desire to exercise the compassion that people are suppos…


RT @WallStCynic: @SKmacro @BarbarianCap A decent exercise will be to look at the aggregate cumulative free cash flows for the five years, 2…



User Profile Link : Loughborough College Public Services
Loughborough College Public Services

RT @BritishArmy: Testing the best: Exercise Cambrian Patrol 18. Working as a team… the river crossing won’t defeat them.…

User Profile Link : Alan Halewood
Alan Halewood

RT @chrisimray: Conclusion ...suggests high female biological capacity for extreme endurance exercise. In press- fantastic!! @exicemaiden…

Marcus Love

Ok, time to lose some weight. This weekend I am starting 7 in 7....that’s losing 7 pounds in 7 weeks. More exercise…

User Profile Link : trey ak
trey ak

At such a young age as well. Guys pls eat clean exercise more and don’t let urself go


RT @amjoyshow: .@K_JeanPierre: I said that this is #Trumps America. It doesn't have to be #Trumps America. I think in 17 days we can real…

Cllr Fiza Matloob

All your exercise, healthy eating, hard work paying off with 6Pac showing. You get home & this is first site #cakes…


RT @docrocktex26: They’re intent on specifically disenfranchising Black America because centuries of oppression have rendered us damn near…

User Profile Link : WRESTLESPLANIA

Doing a mental exercise where I try to imagine what a Sammy Calihan fan would be like

Brecka Moore

@kels_11 When people ask me what I do and I say I’m a clinical exercise physiologist and I work in cardiac rehab, f…

Churlish Gambino

RT @ryschutt: ME: Man, I’m depressed. Wish I knew why. *Enters Hour 4 of not leaving bed to eat, bathe, or exercise while reading about th…

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