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User Profile Link : Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Be like Saint Joseph: a man of dreams, not a dreamer; a man of silence, because he respects God's plan. #SantaMarta

User Profile Link : Grayson Dolan
Grayson Dolan

Just surprised my best friends with their dreams gifts for Christmas 😢😭 @EthanDolan @emmachamberlain @jamescharles…

User Profile Link : António Guterres
António Guterres

There are some 260 million migrants in the world today – including me. Behind every number is a person – a woman,…

User Profile Link : Kokopelli NMSU
Kokopelli NMSU

RT @CrucesSunNews: Dreams come true: Farmington's Chevel Shepherd wins Season 15 of 'The Voice'…

Kale 🖤

RT @pipertaetae: 2 years ago today the 1st ep of Hwarang was aired and Taehyung could finally achieve one of his dreams & debuted as an act…


RT @masu0708yuri: NEWSのDREAMS聴いて 💚💜進むべき道は自分でそうさ自分の意思で決めればいい愛してる目をそらしたりせずに💗💛の歌詞で号泣。。 愛してるよ慶ちゃん。 一緒にまた頑張ろう。。 #小山慶一郎 #NEWS #小山キャスター8年間ありがと…

Sisira Abeyratne

@LadyBossHippo Good nyt sweet dreams Heta ennam


RT @juan_swish9: fight for your dreams 💪🏽


RT @pratibhaa55: An ordinary man with extra ordinary dreams ! #AceOfBb12Romil

User Profile Link : Bright Nomad ✈
Bright Nomad ✈

RT @acfisher: That time of year when the world falls in love & every song you sing seems to say, "Merry Christmas, may your New Year's drea…

User Profile Link : JR.🥓

RT @lolitascak3: Dreams of a Life (2011) เป็นหนังสารคดีเกี่ยวกับคดีแปลกของผู้หญิงคนนึงที่ชื่อว่า Joyce Vincent เธอเสียชีวิตภายในอพาร์ทเมนต์…


RT @keziarrrhhh: No but guys I have SMASHED 2018. How can I just get the call: I'M GONNA BE A TRAINEE SOLICITOR! Your girl just patterned…

Brian A. Hayes

RT @sgi_info: #InternationalMigrantsDay Local children and their parents view the SGI exhibition [“We dream to be able to continue to dream…

User Profile Link : New Tagline Pending
New Tagline Pending

Logging my weird dreams again.


RT @DavidRoads: Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words.


RT @unoXrare: My dreams go with 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 7 years from now i will have 6 digit salary in 5 working days, riding in a 4 wheeled car, l…


I’ll see you in my dreams. Goodnight.


RT @nmariesinclaiir: In 2019, • God will bless me. • God will heal me. • God will protect me. • God will guide me.


RT @MariscapeiperJ: In my wildest dreams..I could not have imagine a sweeter life ( Hugh Hefner )

User Profile Link : ▶ C A P S S ◀
▶ C A P S S ◀

RT @billionaire_key: Don't tell people your dreams. Show them.


RT @bang_dream_gbp: #クリスマスボックス キャンペーン開催中🎁 ガルパ(@bang_dream_gbp )をフォロー&RTで応募しよう💕 ホームシアターセットなど素敵なプレゼントが当たる🎄✨ #ガルパ #キラキラドキドキXmas

Seoltan girllllllll

RT @pipertaetae: 2 years ago today the 1st ep of Hwarang was aired and Taehyung could finally achieve one of his dreams & debuted as an act…

Ash Raf

RT @pratibhaa55: An ordinary man with extra ordinary dreams ! #AceOfBb12Romil


RT @J_Whitt3: Some dreams just don’t change❤️🤘🏽

Gabby Kelly

RT @GraysonDolan: Just surprised my best friends with their dreams gifts for Christmas 😢😭 @EthanDolan @emmachamberlain @jamescharles The…


D-319 Goodnight To The Wonderful Guy who gave his Best, his all to success his dream as a great musician😘💕Hey sweet…


@NickiPromotions Barbie dreams literally broke the internet, and chun li had every rap head bopping their heads and…


RT @twtbungaaa: sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty & longevity. sunflowers are known for being happy flowers, making them the perfec…


RT @AEON_JAPAN: 🎁キャンペーン終了まで後9日🎁 イオンギフトカード1000円分が2000名様に当たる大チャンス🎅🏻 🎄毎日挑戦してね🎄 ❄締切は12/25迄❄ 🎉応募方法🎉 1⃣@AEON_JAPAN をフォロー 2⃣本ツイートをリツイート 3⃣その場で結…

User Profile Link : Pete @ #CapcomCup2018
Pete @ #CapcomCup2018

RT @richardsuwono: #Sakura dreams come true!!! 😍 Can't wait to see more Sakura in action at #StreetFighterV S4! Also all players who mains…

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