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Katie Hopkins

SOUTH AFRICA “For every 1 black person we kill 5 white people” President of Black First Land First Andile Mngxita…

User Profile Link : Asha Rangappa
Asha Rangappa

I love how "Flynn was too arrogant and dumb to go through protocol and have WH counsel present" is being spun as "T…


Remember when you rode your bike to my house earlier and played with my dogs, @SamiZayn? Boy oh boy, I bet all th…

Andrew M

RT @GodFirstGina: My non-political tweet. This is why we love our dogs! 😂😂

Rose Avakian

RT @andibeth012: Too Adorable ‼️ Can you stand this Cuteness...💖🤗🐾💋🐕🎶 #Dogs😍#BFF’s Make life so much SWEETER!❤️💜💚 Happy #FridayFeeling To A…

User Profile Link : Ian Busher
Ian Busher

It’s an #indoorrecess kind of day for #dogs . #rainy #toronto #stayinginside

Eddie Mukabi

RT @iwrongedmyexes: @alakitan @_Njokie plant trees, flowers, crops. tend to goats and sheep. play with my dogs. brush my cat and carry him…

phoebe (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

@kingboxian i thought it was a dog at first but i was like wtf dogs ain’t got noses like that

User Profile Link : Louise Makey
Louise Makey

RT @NWDogRescue: ❤DORA❤ Age 18 months Breed Crossbreed Children ✔ Dog ✔ Cats? In rescue in Shrewsbury UK Enquiries via website please h…

Dogs are Cool

dogs are cooler than birds

User Profile Link : alf frommer
alf frommer

Das Problen am Serien wie Dogs of Berlin oder Beat ist die totale Überfrachtung. Weil's irgendwie alles schon mal g…


RT @KTHopkins: SOUTH AFRICA “For every 1 black person we kill 5 white people” President of Black First Land First Andile Mngxitama calls…

She Loathes Me💌

sometimes I think about K9 units and I get upset because I think that dogs would be upset if they were conscious of…

Covfefe Engineer

RT @WvTrump: Typical #FakeNews targeting Christians! @jerome_corsi is a Great Man who is fighting Evil Mueller #WitchHunt so the Left send…


RT @mygbgvlife: Real or artificial, 🎄Christmas trees🎄can be dangerous for your dog! Check out 5 Christmas tree safety tips at:…

Juan Macias

RT @AndyLeeman91: When you’re both obsessed with dogs

Sasha Lopez

@piscespita we will never get this... fuck the ring... I just want those dogs 😂

User Profile Link : Jenna-Ley Harrison
Jenna-Ley Harrison

For the 4th time this year @dorchesterpaws is closed due to flooding. Nonprofit officials are seeking community hel…

Tesla Gaming

@Darshelle_ @itspixelthepup @mike_gaboury Dogs are the best and absolutely help mind, body and soul! Your's are so…

User Profile Link : mackenzie

The hardest part about having three dogs is only having two hands

Sue Blue

RT @TheAnimalRescue: "It's always best to adopt a pet, but animal shelters have precious few resources to spread the word about available a…


@mocona178 🎉飼い主さま見つかりました🎉 良かったですね✨✨ RTご協力くださったみなさま、 本当にありがとうございました😊

User Profile Link : Iggy

WHAT A MOVIE!!! Now I just feel sorry for Isle of Dogs, Incredibles 2, and Ralph Breaks the Internet for being rele…

User Profile Link : Ian Jones
Ian Jones

RT @NWDogRescue: 🐾LOLLY🐾 Please RT to help me find my furever home. You'll find all my details and an enquiry-form here…

User Profile Link : Moni Harris❤
Moni Harris❤

RT @NewKungFuKenny: White people can identify 500 breeds of dogs but will mix up 2 black co-workers


RT @_Jrguzman: I lost my two dogs this morning, it was around 7 in the morning someone in my house hold just left them outside. I walked ar…

Tammy Wellock

Dogs are the best

User Profile Link : Soleil ☀️🐝🌈
Soleil ☀️🐝🌈

RT @jarrettstod: 🐶CUTEST DOG CONTEST🐶 ($10 to the winner) Rules: 1.) tag a picture of your dog below 2.) put your dogs name 3.) retweet t…

User Profile Link : Katy Kelleher
Katy Kelleher

Unless you must (or your dog is a service dog) don't do this! Dogs don't want to fly. They want to hang out with ot…

Shietha Smith

@1800PetMeds I'm lucky and my dogs haven't gotten into any of my decorations. Last year my dog decided to pee on my…

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