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Neko Case

Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t have to share our rape stories to legitimize ourselves and our human rights and our work?

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Archana Kalpathi

How cool is this 😎😎 Semma #Mersal #Thalapathy 😊

User Profile Link : TAMIA

As I’m touring the country it’s so cool to see these videos of artists showing love to a song that I co-wrote and r…

User Profile Link : tati💛

even though i've felt like crap all day i did get some freelance work and some money so that was cool

Mickey Shaffer

@MartySmithobc22 So Cool. 18th hope was amazing.

Brutus A Harris

RT @wgtc_site: New #Joker Set Pic Reveals Tons Of Cool #Batman Easter Eggs -

Mike Adams

@trixietraci Am good. Cool weather is here so playing catch up outside. Heat this summer was awful. You and the pups well?

User Profile Link : Liz Kramer @ writing mode✏️
Liz Kramer @ writing mode✏️

RT @papercatblog: In case you missed it: the newest Weekly Roundup is here! It lists opportunities, gigs, jobs, anthologies, scholarships,…

User Profile Link : steph

RT @TheDemisBitch: Fuck TMZ but it's really cool and amazing seeing Demi happy and healthy after two months, I'm so glad for her!!!

Purple Princess 👸🏿💜

I guess I'm becoming that cute cool artsy bitch ✌🏿

User Profile Link : Benjamin Breuer
Benjamin Breuer

@blackblade2453 Okay yeah I'll admit, that's pretty cool.


RT @kaitlinmaarie: What bisexuals are: -valid -really cool -bisexual What bisexuals aren’t: -going through a phase -confused -more likely…

User Profile Link : dt

RT @SHULAGOD: depression really aint cool dawg. yo mind & body just deteriorates as the days go by. make shit shake fuck that.

User Profile Link : Dina James
Dina James

RT @MuseInks: Very cool: Baking historic bread! Useful info here for anyone #amwriting historical fiction of Ancient Egypt.…

User Profile Link : Pete Rozelle
Pete Rozelle

Been Filming ALL Day & Haven’t Got a Chance To Watch Any Games Today. But The Ravens Won & I Went 2-1 Today In Fantasy So I’m Cool... 🤷🏾‍♂️

User Profile Link : WXII 12 News
WXII 12 News

Cool start to this week. Plenty of clouds with rain chances increasing by midweek. Forecast @wxii…


RT @ongpoetry: if you’re not ready to settle down & be loyal to the person you’re with, stop getting in relationships. it’s not funny or co…

Laetitia H. 🎉 🎼 💖🏃‍♀️

@UKRunChat @POWVirtualRun @saxelbyhorses @AndyOliver_ccfc Cool, Thanks a lot 👍


RT @StevenSuptic: I shouldn't have done this:

Rick Blake

@joshtpm Why would he write down “keg party” in that calendar? Unless his parents were cool about him drinking, puk…

User Profile Link : T'Chris 🇹🇹
T'Chris 🇹🇹

RT @SNOB713: Fellatio is a form of an apology 🤫


RT @BongondaRiches1: @gossipytbFR Moi en tout je trouve ça cool que tu nous montre les copains et copines des youtubeurs franchement 😊il n'…

User Profile Link : HENRYORELLANA

@ParisHilton @FilaBR @FilaUK @FILAUSA @henry133471 cool

jenny, just jenny!

@iBirdLite @GDE60 @kanom99 @MichaelLCrick All we have??? My kids are growing up to look forward to paying for a uns…


london was cool

Chase Ward

@yurboibrian @franklinlorax That's cool

M I R N A🌞

RT @idabitxh: I’m sooo ready for hoodies, bonfires, boots and jeans, crisp cool air, hot cocoa, and pretty fall colors. 🍁🍂


I had honestly forgot how much fun it was to watch Tiger win. That was cool hearing them chanting Tiger and surrounding the green.

The Philly who Sold The World

do you think is cool — idk

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rea [希望]

RT @BiggsRegretti: It's cool guy!🕶️✨

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