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R.M Phoolo

Gents, let’s support black businesses. Black businesses, let’s show up to the table and be more competent! Let’s ru…

User Profile Link : Vice President Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence

A tax cut for business is a pay raise for workers. And in the years ahead, as businesses respond to the unprecedent…

User Profile Link : Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

👍 “Consumer confidence rebounds close to 18-year high…. Millions of Americans have found jobs, the unemployment rat…

That's "Doctor" Elitist to You!

RT @peterwsinger: Great, unintentional example of how @nra has become a hyperpartisan organization that reputable businesses should want li…

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UK businesses make world-first pact to slash plastic packaging -

Saif Malami

RT @AfricaProg: Atiku Abubakar @atiku - I own businesses and am an employer of young people. I don’t agree with any assertion that the yout…

Daisy Daisy

RT @Independent: More than 40 major UK businesses have said they will ban single-use plastics

User Profile Link : #northwalestweets

@allenrachelj It’s great to return the support of so many local businesses, looking forward to meeting you…


RT @supportCBXcb: @TheBookClub10 @BANESSAESSA @weareoneEXO Girl, im sorry, we know it without you, thats our goal, if you're not an exol, w…


RT @Patrice_Taio: You lot that continuously bang fraud then spend it on Balenciaga’s ... red bottoms ... make me sick. Save .... start a…

Oliver Lewis

RT @tonywalljourno: Me and @stevekilgallon1 have been investigating a self improvement guru - see our four part effort @NZStuff https://t.…

User Profile Link : The Magazine Printing Company
The Magazine Printing Company

Plastic is a big issue in #UK nowadays and now, more than 40 major #businesses said they will ban single-use plasti…

User Profile Link : Iotify

RT @IDC_EMEA: How businesses are embracing innovation? Join this #IDCWebcast hosted by @carla_lacroce, @GiuliaCarosella and Tom Vavra for k…

User Profile Link : : - QuickBooks Desktop Help| Contact us at: 1844-442-0333 (California city,USA): QuickBooks…

Jordan M L Hopwood

RT @CACampaigns: Great to see our #RuralOscars featured in the @Telegraph today praising rural businesses and acknowledging rural Britain t…

User Profile Link : Watford Chamber
Watford Chamber

RT @Assign_IT_UK: The survey shows more businesses are now using the Government-backed, industry-supported Cyber Essentials scheme, a sourc…

User Profile Link : Norfolk Chamber
Norfolk Chamber

We’re at King’s Lynn Town Hall today revealing our plans to increase our presence in West Norfolk. Looking forward…


Selling Your SEO Services to Businesses with Limited Time

User Profile Link : uQualize+

RT @chemicalwatch: Download your free copy of the new Regulatory Impact Report for businesses using biocides, and understand what your obli…


Switching back to @telus cause apparently @ShawInfo only emails businesses when they want to shut of the internet a…

satyen sinha

RT @MattHancock: Great to open the fantastic new @Atos HQ this morning where they've just announced a new #AI R&D centre in the UK to suppo…

User Profile Link : ISME

Businesses more concerned about staff and data than Brexit

User Profile Link : Wiltshire Mind
Wiltshire Mind

Wiltshire Mind is now providing new training for local businesses and organisations-coping with stress/anxiety and…

User Profile Link : Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel

The only way we can do this is to build these communities and nations ourselves. No-one is going to do it for us.…


RT @ankurjainiam: @speedmister007 jainism and buddhism got started against brahminism. Brahmins used to do animal sacrifices which hurt vai…

User Profile Link : Paul Long
Paul Long

RT @FindItCheshire: FinditinCheshireandWarrington boosts the local economy by helping businesses to develop skills, and supporting them in…

User Profile Link : Plymouth Magazine
Plymouth Magazine

RT @PlymChronicle: Have you seen the New #Plymouth #Newspaper the Plymouth Chronicle yet .... Packed with local news and events 🎡🏄🏽‍♂️ lo…

User Profile Link : Barbara Cookson
Barbara Cookson

on this #WorldIPDay I find myself doing trademark oppositions against UK businesses who didn't feel the need to use…

User Profile Link : Spirit PR
Spirit PR

RT @FinzelsReach: We're fitting out a standalone space within our green #office building #Aurora at #FinzelsReach to appeal to businesses i…

Onyealusi Tony

RT @WealthE_Coin: New #investment technologies focused on reducing costs and improving #profitability for #investors and businesses of all…

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