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I'll be performing at @TIDAL annual benefit concert in support of criminal justice reform. Get tickets to…

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A black teen was arrested and charged with hate crime after violently attacking a Jewish man with a stick in an unp…

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Backstreet Boys crossover you were all asking for. #Strictly


RT @APOOCH: The weight is on Caris LeVert’s shoulders as he and the Nets prepare for their most important season since Marks/Atkinson took…

User Profile Link : Ice bear loves shawn//🇲🇽‼️
Ice bear loves shawn//🇲🇽‼️

RT @karladelrincon: Yo leyendo todas las teorías de que youtube se cayó porque evidenciaron a los reptilianos y a políticos en rituales ext…

User Profile Link : Max Perry
Max Perry

New @SkyBallaBMF album coming soon #1 #FreeBigMeech Produced by Me @maxperrymusic . . . . . #music #hiphop…

Vecdi Kavvasoğlu

RT @RealVinceJames: There have been around 25 attacks on Orthodox Jews by black men in Brooklyn just in the last two years. NO MAINSTREAM M…


@brooklyn_presti @KyleWinkel @SirDomoGenesis @CodyMills7 @Jacob4L

Tatiana 🍄

@TheSpork @ghostapple_ari @transfxg This. I live in Brooklyn. The trendy vintage ppl here def don’t go to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

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@Alex_toppers piada KKKKKKKKKK ficar na sala é pra otario eu tenho mais o que fazer... assistir brooklyn 99

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@TMillgard @SirDomoGenesis @brooklyn_presti @CodyMills7 @Jacob4L My day is ruined. None of you know how much I like…

User Profile Link : Joshua B. Hoe
Joshua B. Hoe

RT @cut_50: We CAN'T wait for Oct 23. Take a stand for #JusticeReformNOW, at @TIDAL's annual benefit concert #TIDALXBrooklyn. Support #CJre…

User Profile Link : Joe Zimmerman
Joe Zimmerman

RT @littlefieldnyc: TONIGHT: @joezimmerman comes to littlefield for his "Innocence" album release show/party. He'll be joined by @emmyblotn…

User Profile Link : YasGHOUL's Farm
YasGHOUL's Farm

RT @edroso: LOL This is an actual “co-living” (i.e. hipster flophouse) company seeking to colonize hot Brooklyn nabes. Get used to name tag…

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To com uma mania muito feia de corta o cabelo, dps fica usando boné kkk🤦🏽‍♂

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Anthony Puccio

The weight is on Caris LeVert’s shoulders as he and the Nets prepare for their most important season since Marks/At…

User Profile Link : Church Of NINism
Church Of NINism

Nine Inch Nails - I Do Not Want This (tour debut) at Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 16 Oct 2018

User Profile Link : 🎃Xero🎃

RT @PunishedAustin: Blue checkmark twitter has the best brain dead content that is in no way the same content as the other 1,000,000 smooth…

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no faith in brooklyn came up randomly on spotify & i’m actually just fucking laughing

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RT @dxbx_: só sdds

B. Moore

Brooklyn in the fall is one of my favorite things and I am way too excited to spend my day off wandering around Fort Greene

User Profile Link : Brooklyn

RT @ActuaIlyJenn: Walking to class I heard a girl on the phone say, "u can pick up 10 pennies off the ground or u can catch 1 dime.. so u c…

keri huffman

RT @goodbed: Hey sleep-lovers! The heat of summer may be over, but if you still want to sleep cool, enter to WIN a Brooklyn Aurora mattress…

Niemiecka Polityka

RT @DoraGezwitscher: Auch in den USA gibt es immer mehr Fälle von importiertem #Antisemitismus: In Brooklyn verprügelte der Araber Farrukh…

Dorothy Brown

RT @goodbed: Hey sleep-lovers! The heat of summer may be over, but if you still want to sleep cool, enter to WIN a Brooklyn Aurora mattress…

Spooky scary skeleton

RT @6drinksantiago: Hi! I’m a new account looking for mutuals so pls like/rt this if you stan Brooklyn Nine Nine ♡

#PresidentFart(*) 🇺🇸 🌊 🌊 🌊

RT @MissMyrtle2: As if #IDidNaziThisComing:As a character-building exercise, the #ProudBoys forbid both masturbation and the watching of p…

User Profile Link : Drin Daci ⚜️
Drin Daci ⚜️

RT @MeekMill: I’ma be in New York 10/23 performing at #TIDALXBrooklyn with @LilTunechi, @MsLaurynHill, @Normani and more. Get tickets: ht…

Spooky scary skeleton

RT @sarahlawson666: bae: come over me: i can’t bae: i’m watching brooklyn nine-nine me:


RT @RealDiscoDonnie: No Sleep til’ Brooklyn ⁦@getfreakydeaky⁩ ⁦@DDPWorldwide⁩ #FreakyDeakyTX

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