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The Boston Globe

Including Friday's Aurora, Ill., shooting, 2019 has had 39 mass shootings in 46 days. https://t.co/tnEjbc5ACB https://t.co/EYmjjJsjRR

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Anne McClain

I cannot bring all of you to space (wish I could), so I will attempt to bring space to you! This was the view out o… https://t.co/7K0c5yn3HG

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John Bolton

This is what happens when corrupt military officials like Manuel Quevedo, who @USTreasury sanctioned on Friday, pil… https://t.co/sGvDlzPaYM

ไอจาว ❤️

RT @ployhzg: — KAI Thursday 🍓❤️ Friday 💓🌷 Saturday 🌑🌙 https://t.co/BCIMGZ1H3q

Elemoro Babatunde Bashir GCFR

RT @toluogunlesi: May 2017: @NGRPresident approved the handover of the International Airport Road, Lagos (Oshodi—MMIA) to @followlasg, for…


RT @HITS95UK: NEXT FRIDAY WE'RE DEDICATING A WHOLE HOUR TO ONE OF THESE K-POP GROUPS 😎 Who will it be? Get voting fandoms 💪 This will hap…


RT @ployhzg: — KYUNGSOO Thursday 🍓❤️ Friday 💓🌷 Saturday 🌑🌙 https://t.co/vJshSfL5jj

Kenny Marshall

@Boost_DrinksNI Has to be original. Would be perfect for my wife’s birthday party on Friday night


RT @betty_nwabunike: Wednesday: politics and current affairs #politicsaffairs Thursday: lifestyle and health #health&fit Friday singles cor…

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RT @towers_tiffany: 🌹🌹🌹 HAPPY FRIDAY 🌹🌹🌹 I’m online at @AdultWorkcom till late use the link - https://t.co/sI3y4IKFYC to find me. I am a…

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Friday ana

Pusy chating 16 min https://t.co/2n0jJVmPhw

User Profile Link : Friday ana
Friday ana

Janda toge 58 sec https://t.co/9VXvzpj3os

🐸🍿Christian Living🐸🍿

RT @2runtherace: New York Times uses old photo of RBG in article about her returning to SC on Friday!! Anon notable!! #QAnon #RBG @realDona…

Traps N'Trunks


User Profile Link : WarriReporter

RT @AbdulMahmud01: Journalists and observers embedded in situation rooms fanned across Abuja knew as at 7:30pm on Friday that next day's po…


RT @samh1n: The Clocktower is the best boozer in Milton Keynes. Anyone that thinks otherwise can meet us outside the Clocky next Friday 9pm…


RT @inecnigeria: 3. Receipt and Deployment of sensitive;Wednesday 20 & materials to LGAs Thursday 21st February 2019 4. Refresher training…

Mate un operador. Haga patria.

el indio dice que a los operadores no los puede ni ver

Ian Archer

RT @StandUp4Brexit: “In a message on Friday, Baker said Downing Street and Brussels were pretending to negotiate while ‘working together to…

𝗱𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝗻 𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸

friday will be epic, i swear it’ll be best birthday party ever 🤪

Cumtribute King

RT @pbkk_am: Breathtaking 💗𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓃 𝒱💗 is counting the days till her @PremiumBukkake debut next Friday, in her own words! Remember, you will…

Anthony Zacharzewski

#marr show letting Sun “Brexposed” claims be repeated unchallenged. EU “secret plans” were press releases on Friday… https://t.co/Ryp0B6plMZ


RT @ClimateHome: "There’s an old saying in Brazil that lightning doesn’t strike twice. On Friday, January 25th, we were all shocked to disc…

User Profile Link : Islamic Voice
Islamic Voice

oland summoned Israel’s ambassador on Friday and threatened to scupper a Jerusalem diplomatic summit after reported… https://t.co/9UITBJyMSi

User Profile Link : Nick Morrison
Nick Morrison

The argument that people wouldn't be in favour of students striking if it was eg pro-Brexit is one of the weakest a… https://t.co/s9DXRTbq4O

Auwal Dangarba

RT @henryshield: Dear South East Governors, kindly consider making arrangements of free transportation for our brothers and sisters who may…

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RT @nhbnews: 'Fury has now surprisingly come out in defence of Joshua while speaking at a Gold Star Promotions Event on Friday. '“I think…


tayo na lang dalawa by mayonnaise on friday 🤘🏻 #drawingpa #trb

Arinze Olisah

@AMADICHIMA @EnebechiM I’m inside Libra bus going back to Onitsha from Lagos where I registered when I was living t… https://t.co/FQCi1whlpn


RT @AbdulMahmud01: Journalists and observers embedded in situation rooms fanned across Abuja knew as at 7:30pm on Friday that next day's po…

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