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User Profile Link : Kurt Eichenwald
Kurt Eichenwald

Right wing evangelicals rage that the fact Trump had innumerable affairs is his own business. I agree. The same s…

User Profile Link : Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West

Yesterday it was announced that Kanye had parted ways with some business people and media outlets made this about K…

User Profile Link : Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi
Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi

"Black People, we have your rapper. If you want him returned, Send $100K in unmarked bills, potato salad WITH RAISI…

Melo Melo 🇳🇬🇱🇷

RT @Buchi_smallzy: Talking like you're Wenger spirit.. No wonder your president call you people lazy because of I too know and never mindi…

User Profile Link : Josephmark

“In the beginning, our only guiding principle was ‘Is it cool? Do we give a shit about it? Let’s go and play.’”…


Moving in silence , it’s not your business to know who making me happy just know it anit you.

Jeremy Kahn

RT @StephanieBodoni: And it's another goal for Messi, just this time at the EU court. via @business…

User Profile Link : Haywards Heath Business Association
Haywards Heath Business Association

What's on this Summer with HHBA - Spaces limited book your networking tickets now - we look forward to seeing you t…


@4545_rs John usually backs other refs, He was the best in the business but they all make mistakes. Don't know why…

User Profile Link : ~/Fabzoul

@Mrs025_FR Là n'est pas le problème, il surement passer des VMs qu'il loue à de vrais hébergeurs pour du mutualisé…


Women "empowerment." A pure shakedown, pal. How about think up a new theory that'll make the lucre flow into your business.

RT @wirecard: Follow us to learn everything about the digital retail strategy to drive your business forward.


RT @iimag: Steven Cohen's Point72 and Resolute Ventures Back Real Estate Startup

Presidente Delgado

RT @PaquitaSalas: Hi Kanye. Give me your email y te envío my card. Here mucho business. Aquí un "Tu cara me suena" o "Masterchef Celebrity"…

User Profile Link : Samsara McDonald
Samsara McDonald

Good news... I am back on the road again today! If there are any #installers around #Ayr that would like to find ou…

Im raiden, I♡otacon

RT @Owlburdie: Lmao djmax respect removing glory days (respect OP) because the illustrator for BGA retweeted a feminist opinion Good shit…

User Profile Link : Josh Hall
Josh Hall

Business idea: a rice milk for the perennially over-caffeinated, called Kernel Panic

Giles Barrie

RT @Furnace_Mag: UK Research & Innovation have launched Future Leaders Fellowships scheme to develop future researchers from academia to bu…

Richard Arowolo, Esq.

RT @PandGraeys: Perchstone & Graeys @TundeOgala and Mrs Tosin Kalegha at the Capital Market Solicitors Association - Annual Business Lunche…

User Profile Link : Cranfield BF
Cranfield BF

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) have released stats showing SMEs are losing around £15k p.a. due to…

Venkat Pery

Dismantling Deutsche Bank: Should one of the world’s largest banks be wound down? via @TheEconomist

Linda King

RT @brightsolid: Confused about Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud? Read our latest blog where we explain the difference between them and how the…

User Profile Link : Arti Sahabat
Arti Sahabat

User Profile Link :

#marketing & #advertising are important for boosting business. However, are U sure your ads are reaching the right…

chukwuka Kris okafor

RT @FoxNews: .@TuckerCarlson: "Colleges barely teach, yet every year they increase their fees. Try that in a private business, you might ge…


@AegisDefenders Hi, Do you have business contact email, I would talk talk about cooperation on steam for Chinese game player.

Carla Canivete

Players defending trademarks... what happened to those times when they'd just kick a ball around?

Andrea Rivero

RT @PaquitaSalas: Hi Kanye. Give me your email y te envío my card. Here mucho business. Aquí un "Tu cara me suena" o "Masterchef Celebrity"…

Ntwana' man.

RT @AdvBarryRoux: Learn to mind your own business 😔 😢 😭 😂

Uber Clacker

RT @ InquirerBiz "PSEi firms up above 7,600 | philbizwatcher

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